Susan D. Peters

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Susan D. Peters is a 1-Time Bestselling Author

Susan D. Peters, aka, Ahnydah (ah-NIE-dah) Rahm is a native of Chicago’s south side, is a graduate of DuSable High School and DePaul University. Always adventurous, Susan’s curiosity lured her to Liberia, West Africa for eleven years. Her family’s escape during the Liberian Civil War is the spellbinding account of her first book, a memoir, Sweet Liberia, Lessons from the Coal Pot.

Sweet Liberia, received the 2010 Black Excellence Award for Non-Fiction by the African American Alliance of Chicago and in 2011 the book was awarded a prize for Non-Fiction from the Illinois Press Women’s Association. A lifelong author of poetry, inspirational essays, short stories, and plays her writings will be featured in the IPWA’s May 2014 anthology, a collection of the works of twenty-three outstanding women writers.

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