Book Cover Image of Sweet Liberia: Lessons from the Coal Pot by Susan D. Peters

Sweet Liberia: Lessons from the Coal Pot
by Susan D. Peters

    Publication Date: May 31, 2010
    List Price: $14.95
    Format: Paperback, 326 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780982712504
    Imprint: Sunrise Consulting
    Publisher: Sunrise Consulting
    Parent Company: Sunrise Consulting

    Paperback Description:

    Many have wondered what it would be like to pack up our things and move to a new country, but none of us have imagined having to flee our new homeland with our children and barely more than the clothes on our back. Yet, Susan Peters managed to do just that while maintaining her faith which would eventually help her rebuild her life and uplift her heart and soul. This book is a wonderful and eye-opening experience that shouldn’t be missed! ? —-Naleighna Kai, National Best-selling author of Speak It into Existence.

    Sweet Liberia, Lessons from the Coal Pot is a delightful, painfully honest memoir that chronicles the thick slice of humanity sandwiched between Liberia ??s April 12, 1980 coup and the Civil War in 1989. Like many others who embraced Black Pride, Afros, African clothing and names in the 70 ??s, Susan and thousands more took it one step further and immigrated to Mother Africa. This touching memoir is set against the author ??s personal growth, her cultural struggles, and her triumphs, and is an informative, personally revealing, and often-comical account of her family ??s eleven-year journey immersed in the rich culture of Liberia, West Africa.
    Now, as Liberia stands on the threshold of rising under the leadership of Africa ??s first elected female president, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Susan writes about the wisdom, beauty, and resilience she witnessed during her sojourn.

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