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Thomas Long

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Thomas Long is a 1 time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

Thomas Long was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Long initially pursued his passion for writing by self-publishing a collection of his intimate poetry.

Feeling adventurous, he decided to venture out and try his hand in the genre of urban fiction. An avid reader of the works of legendary authors such as Robert Beck and Donald Goines, he intended to craft stories that reflected a realistic picture of the inner city life he encountered growing up in Baltimore. Thomas Long completed his first novel, Dayvon's Story: A Thug's Life in just two months. He was bold enough to approach best-selling author Carl Weber with his manuscript at his Queens, NY based bookstore.

Weber was so impressed with the storyline that he instantly signed Long to a two-book deal with his new imprint, Urban Books. Upon its release in 2004, Long's debut novel was well received by the critics and the streets. The book was also turned into a full-length feature film, entitled 4 Life, which was distributed by CodeBlack Entertainment and Universal Pictures.

Always a go-getter and Long initiated the movie deal in a conversation at the gym with then President of Russell Simmons Music Group, Tony Austin. Austin enlisted the help of former Baltimore Ravens linebacker Adalius Thomas, to bring the movie project to fruition. Released in 2007, the film starred Wood Harris, Page Kennedy, and Elise Neal as the primary characters.

Desiring to pursue other goals in life, Long took a four-year break from writing to obtain his second Masters degree in Human Services Administration from the University of Baltimore. After obtaining his degree, Long has returned to his passion of writing. He seeks to educate, stimulate, and entertain his loyal readers with his own unique style and brand of literature.

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