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My name is Tommie Lee Thomas and I was born on a plantation in Quitman, Georgia from Cherokee Indian and African ethnicity. Through many trials and tribulations, Jehovah God has brought me through the pains of extreme poverty, sleepless nights of whether I would finish school because of inadequate teaching of homework, laughter from my school peers and teachers, hunger, hurt from false friends, leaving home at seventeen years old for employment in Detroit, Michigan without any help.

I have two daughters and three sons. I have retired from three jobs, Ford Motor Company, The City of Detroit and Denny’s Restaurant. At Ford Motor Company, I worked the manufacturing assembly line for twenty year of hard labor progressing to Quality Control as an inspector. My supervisor urged me to go to college and I did. I worked twelve hours seven days a week and never missed a day of class three times a week at night. I was promoted to supervisor upon graduation of college and Shift manager and retired with thirty one years of service

I retired from Ford and had to go back to work because of divorce. I was a manager in the City of Detroit’s Water Department keeping account of Support Operations and databases with ten years of service and retired. I worked at Denny’s Restaurant as a Server’s Assistant with eleven years of service and retired.

I am happy to relate that I became an ordained minister of Jehovah’s Witnesses and have preached His word for over forty years and am still doing so. I am a member of the Mensa Society (An organization of geniuses) and Member of the Sigma Iota Epsilon Honor Society. I am a graduate of Central Michigan University graduating Magna Cum Laude and carrying a 4.0 in post graduate work at Marygrove College and Central Michigan University, Phi Beta Kappa. I graduated from Northwestern Technological Institute at age 69 years with a 3.69gpa. It shows you never becomes too old to learn and excel. I am now a publisher and writer and have written (5) screenplays with one in possession of a well known Actor. It has approach the $3,000,000 mark in the bidding process. I am a novelist (25 books), poet (3 books of poems), screenwriter(5 Movie Screenplays) and stage play writer. He is also an Ordained Minister for 46 years. May Jehovah God be praised.

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