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Treasure Blue

Treasure Blue is an Essence Magazine best selling author.

A former fire inspector with the New York City Fire Department, he is also winner of the Black Issue Book Reviews Urban Lit Book of the Year and a starred Kirkus Review recipient. Blue is a public speaker that shows today’s youth the dangers of drug addiction and the importance of literacy.

Blue’s background is as almost as compelling as his debut novel entitled Harlem Girl Lost. Using the streets as a means of survival, Blue found himself involved with some of Harlem’s most notorious elements. Retiring from the game at the age of sixteen, Blue, who dropped out of High School after being banned from New York City's Board of Education system, he managed to become one of the youngest people to receive his G.E.D. in New York State.

Joining the military at seventeen, he developed an appetite for books going on to read over 2000 novels. After serving his country, he joined the New York City Fire Department and worked as a Supervising Fire Inspector in the Bronx. Blue is also an active member of the American Studies Association.

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