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Walking in Footsteps of Promise
by Kiran H. J. Dellimore

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    ISBN13: 9780244570392
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    Walking in Footsteps of Promise is the unadorned account of my evolution as a human being in my quest to find a place in this world. My journey has without a doubt been an arduous one, with many ups and downs, but through it all I have preserved and remained resolute in my determination to succeed against all odds. Looking back on my life I have realized that my quest for a higher purpose and burning desire to seek meaning in life is actually a recurring theme that in many ways has always unconsciously been there. All along I have been walking in these footsteps of promise, unwittingly following the path paved by my ancestors long ago. I sincerely hope that through my story you will gain renewed inspiration for the pursuit of your dreams. At the very least I wish that Walking in Footsteps of Promise will remind you that you are not alone in experiencing failure and hardship; and that the triumph of the human spirit over adversity is an old tale which must be constantly rewritten.

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