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Four Guys and Trouble
by Marcus Major

    Publication Date:
    List Price: $23.95
    Format: Hardcover, 272 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780525945680
    Imprint: Dutton
    Publisher: Penguin Random House
    Parent Company: Bertelsmann and Pearson PLC
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    Book Description:
    Another hip and hilarious, sexy and wise novel about relationships-from the Blackboard bestselling author of Good Peoples.

    Best friends since their college days, Ibn, Colin, Michael, and Dexter share something unusual in common: Her name is Erika-"Bunches" to her friends. She’s the kid sister of a friend who died, and the four buddies have promised to look out for her. But now she’s all grown up-a twenty-four-year-old knockout of a medical student who’s arousing some not-so-sisterly feelings in the brothers.

    When one of them acts on those feelings, they will all-including Erika-discover how far they’re willing to go in the name of friendship, loyalty, and love. The result is this savvy, entertaining novel filled with the wit, humor, and right-on observations about contemporary relationships that distinguished Good Peoples.

    Four Guys and Trouble is the irresistible follow-up to Marcus Major’s acclaimed debut novel-and one certain to win this gifted author a wealth of captivated new readers.

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