Book Cover Image of Alice in Dreamland by Roland S. Jefferson

Alice in Dreamland
by Roland S. Jefferson

Publication Date: Sep 22, 2021
List Price: $23.99
Format: Hardcover, 412 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780578894799
Imprint: VTrust
Publisher: Valurez Trust & Co
Parent Company: Valurez Trust & Co

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Hardcover Description:

The US Census Bureau projects the year 2050 as the year the white population will drop below 50%. As the browning of America is inevitable, a white extremist group of elected politicians rush to salvage dwindling white influence and economic power by secretly creating the Alice Plan, a new ’whites only’ English-speaking republic established on foreign soil.

But when PEPPER, a black prostitute steals a flash drive coded with details of the Alice Plan from the computer of a politician who refused to pay her for sex. When he threatens to kill her, she hires TAYLOR, an alcoholic ex-detective injured during an undercover drug operation as her bodyguard. However the flash drive is too well encrypted and Taylor can’t get it opened. He throws up his hands in disgust and figures that Pepper was just another hooker trying to hustle a client for a few more dollars.

Suddenly Pepper turns up dead and mutilated in the L.A. River. So Taylor figures a pimp or a trick killed her. Either way it’s the end of his brief employment. He stashes the flash drive in a safe deposit box and goes back to drinking. But when HANDLER, a government hit man is sent to retrieve the flash drive and liquidate Taylor, he now realizes the flash drive has something on it that some very powerful people will kill for to get their hands on it. Back on the case, Taylor meets a reporter that has a friend who is a hacker and can probably get it open.

And when he does, the revelation of plans for another political coup sets in motion a desperate cat and mouse chase that takes them across two continents, 9000 miles of ocean, and more deadly roadblocks than a crossword puzzle.

Taylor and the reporter realize they have to get the flash drive to the President. But how? But who can they trust and still stay alive in the process? It seems futile…until Pepper returns from the dead with the answer that can get them all the way to the corridors of political power in the Oval Office. The only unknown is whether the President is in on it…?

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