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Complex Puzzle: Why should growing up be so complexicated
by R.C. McDonald

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    Racial tensions have plagued the black community for decades. Black adults have expressed their dissatisfaction with the treatment of black Americans. This inhumane treatment, in cases, has led to the deaths of everyday black citizens as well as powerful black leaders such as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. As blacks suffered tremendously as slaves we continue to suffer even today as free people. Black adults have felt the impact of the color of their skin as they have been denied employment to high paying jobs, given a substandard education and are forced to live in inferior housing.

    While Black American Adults believe they have a good ideal of the world and how it impacts the black community the young Black teen is not so sure what to make of the turmoil. As a child growing up in Baltimore 1968 life was rough for 13-year-old Kimberly Carter. It was during the tumultuous times leading to the death of Dr. King and the great riots of Baltimore City when the young teenager began to realize the world as it stood.

    Complex Puzzle is a, coming of age historical fiction novel, about a trusting black girl growing up in a family of 7 children to a single Mother. Her mother, having experienced may hardships, feels Kimberly is a target to those who have negative intentions. Kimberly’s mother, The Queen as she calls her, is hard on the youngster as she tries to prevent the streets from absorbing her. It’s evident that Kimberly fails to understand the hardships faced by blacks in the late 1960’s so the Queen tries in the only way she knows to get Kim to toughen up. Kimberly, being a teenager, fights her mother, as she believes she is not loved. At the same time her eyes open to the racial problems in Baltimore city and the country.

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