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Conjure; Selected Poems, 1963-1970
by Ishmael Reed

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Format: Hardcover
Classification: Poetry
ISBN13: 9780870231148
Imprint: University of Massachusetts Press
Publisher: University of Massachusetts Press
Parent Company: University of Massachusetts
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Conjure includes Ishmael’s “Neo-HooDoo Manifesto,” inspiration for a major visual art exhibit and book, NeoHooDoo: Art for a Forgotten Faith, curated by Franklin Sirmans for The Menil Collection in Houston, where it opened June 27, 2008, and, through 2009, subsequently traveled to P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center in New York City, and the Miami Art Museum. The book NeoHooDoo, Art for a Forgotten Faith, edited by Franklin Sirmans and published by The Menil Collection in 2008, is distributed by Yale University Press. It includes Sirmans interview with Ishmael Reed. The four-page manifesto claims:

“Neo-HooDoo believes that every man is an artist and every
artist a priest. You can bring your own creative ideas to
Neo-HooDoo. Charlie ‘Yardbird (Thoth)’ Parker is an exam-
ple of the Neo-HooDoo artist as an innovator and improviser…”

“Neo-HooDoo borrows from Haiti Africa and South America.
Neo-HooDoo comes in all styles and moods…”

“Neo-HooDoo signs are everywhere!
Neo-HooDoo is the Now Locomotive swinging
up the Tracks of the American Soul…”

Conjure also inspired composer/producer Kip Hanrahan to bring together a distinguished group of composer/musicians in 1984, to collaborate on what has become a three volume series of music set to the texts of Ishmael Reed, with all initially released and still available on American Cláve: Conjure: Music for the Texts of Ishmael Reed (I); Conjure: Cab Calloway Stands in for the Moon (II); and Conjure Bad Mouth.

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