Book Cover Image of Destini the Chocolate Princess by Joan Wright Lewis

Destini the Chocolate Princess
by Joan Wright Lewis

    Publication Date: Dec 01, 2018
    List Price: $18.95
    Format: Paperback, 300 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9780962983214
    Imprint: Joval Publishing
    Publisher: Joval Publishing
    Parent Company: Joval Publishing, LLC

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    Paperback Description:

    Destini the Chocolate Princes is an amazing, life changing story about an innocent child faced with prejudice and injustice from the moment she entered the world and throughout her life. Her mother, Mary was very disappointed by the appearance of her first child. She nursed the undesirable in her heart, which resulted in the changing of the name of the baby from the name she had previously chosen, to Destini.

    As Destini grew older, she was mocked by her peers, and bullied in school. Even adults said insinuating remarks, telling her to her face that she was ugly because of her skin, hair, weight and lips. She finally met a handsome young man, Stephan Barronton, who found her beautiful. He fell in love with her. However, his family, mainly his mother, a West Indian, hated her. This caused much trouble for Destini, being African American. Sophia, his mother, did everything in her power to keep them apart; even to the point of putting Destini’s life in danger. See how this drama work its way out. Explore Destini’s journey of love and drama, as her story of hurt and loss gives way to light. Discover:

    • The truth about love and abiding faith when faced with socio-cultural prejudices
    • How forgiveness eases pain and transforms a life of misery
    • Encouragement that empowers you to stand up and fight with dignity
    • Ways to accept and love yourself, because you are special
    • What to do about bullying in school
    • What qualities a woman possesses that causes the heart of a man to pound rapidly and send his blood rushing through his body
    • The repercussions that the Word of God reveals, will come upon those who hurt or do good to their fellow men/women.
    • The insecurities a teen experiences when a parent is not present when they return from school
    • How to heal from depression and sadness.
    • How we judge others by their appearance daily, not realizing the devastation we inflict on them

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