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Brothers Are You Listening?
by Michael Taylor

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    Early praise for Brother’s Are You Listening?

    "Brother’s Are You Listening?" is a powerful, solution oriented tool for getting ones personal and professional program together!"
    Black Tie Magazine

    "The stimulating messages in this document are timely wake-up calls for young men who might be struggling with life’s difficulties and disappointments. Never have the messages been told to the brothers as Taylor shares them."
    — Maxine Hammonds-Smith Ph.D. CFLE 

    "Every black man and woman should read this book!"
    —Dr. Patti Rose B.S. M.A. Ed.D.

    "Michael Taylor is a rare visionary with compassion and passion. He is a dynamic speaker with a positive message whose time has come."
    —Sharon Bowers, Sociologist

    Brother’s, Are You Listening? A Success Guide For The New Millennium

    is a dynamic book filled with insights and directions to assist you in getting your personal and professional life together. It is written for men and women who are ready to take control of their success, and their lives. It is a ten chapter book that will introduce you to the most incredible human being on earth, "YOU!". It is a must read for everyone who is committed to creating balance in their lives. It gives you the guidance and direction in specific steps, to assist you with life’s challenges. It will leave you with an indelible belief that "Anything Is Possible!"

    Taylor challenges you to focus your attention on four important aspects of who you are as a human being, those areas are; The Intellectual, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. Once these areas are balanced, you will experience the true meaning of "The Truth Shall Set You Free".

    Taylor challenges you to focus your attention on four important aspects of who you are as a human being, those areas are; The Intellectual, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual. Once these areas are balanced, you will experience the true meaning of "The Truth Shall Set You Free".

    Contrary to the media, Entrepreneur, Author and Motivational Speaker Michael Taylor believes that the future is filled with unlimited possibilities for black men (and women). In this book, Taylor shares with his readers how he overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to live his dream of owning his own company and making a difference in the world.

    " The greatest challenge we as black Americans face isn’t racism and discrimination, but our willingness to embrace our own human potential" quotes Taylor.

    He does not deny the obstacles, yet concludes that there are opportunities out there for those of us who are willing to put forth the effort. His book is his way of sharing his recipe for success to those who will listen.

    " What is missing for us as black men and women is balance. Most of us have not learned how to balance the intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of who we are as human beings. when we learn to balance these four areas of our lives then we are truly successful" states Taylor.

    Of course creating balance takes effort and guidance and that is the purpose of the book, to be a guide to true success. The book consist of ten chapters. Those chapters include

    1. The "That’s what white people do" mentality.
    This chapter discusses how societal and cultural conditioning can keep a person from succeeding in life. It addresses how the negative stereotypes perpetuated by the media conditions some people to not reach their full potential. (read an excerpt)

    2. Personal Growth: An investment in Self.
    Understanding ourselves is the foundation of personal development. In this chapter Taylor shares how our unwillingness to participate in things like therapy and seminars keeps us from fully expressing our true selves. He talks about overcoming depression and dealing with traumatic events from his childhood.

    3. Relationships
    Once we commit to addressing our emotional and psychological issues, then and only then can we create open, supportive, loving caring relationships. The key to creating strong family units comes from our ability to create great relationships. In this chapter Taylor dispels the myth that black men are "dogs" and can create loving monogamous relationships.

    4. Sex and Manhood
    There are so many myths surrounding black men and sex that it would take an entire book to cover them all. In this chapter some of those myths are clarified and eliminated. Taylor speaks openly and honestly about our responsibility in having loving. intimate monogamous sexual relations, and how to create and maintain them.

    5. Children
    The greatest challenge for black men in regards to raising children is the ability to understand nurturing. Most of us are still using the old-school method of parenting, which included raising our sons to be tough and detached emotionally. Taylor provides the readers with some clear cut exercises and suggestions on being a better parent.

    6. Health & Fitness
    Although black men epitomizes health and fitness through sports, black men lead the nation in death in most health related illnesses. As a former personal trainer and health enthusiast, Taylor lays out the foundation for creating a lifelong regime for excellent health.

    7. Success and Wealth
    Each person has their own definition of success, in this chapter Taylor discusses the importance of creating a game-plan for your financial future.

    8. God & Spirituality
    Having a spiritual connection is a very private and personal experience. Each individual must come to their own conclusions regarding their spiritual paths. In this chapter Taylor shares his own experience in making his connection.

    9. Purpose
    We each have special gifts and talents that should be expressed. This chapter is about uncovering those gifts and connecting to one’s purpose in life.

    10. Service
    When we take all the chapters of this book, and understand ourselves for who we are, then we can express our unique gifts and talents to the world. This chapter covers the need to give back to the community and humanity.

    Excerpt from Chapter 1

    "When you think of the Civil Rights Movement, what one word comes to mind? Freedom? Equality? Power? For me the one word is "ACCESS." When I think of why our brothers gave their lives I realize that they simply wanted "ACCESS." They knew that if they had "ACCESS" to the knowledge and information, then ultimately they could achieve everything their white counterparts had achieved. So now that it’s 1999, and we have that "ACCESS," who’s responsible for our success? We are! It is completely up to us to take advantage of the doors that are wide open to us today.

    Ultimately as a Black American you only have two choices in which you can view our situation. First, you have the choice to view us as victims, a small group of people that is constantly abused, disrespected and on the edge of extinction. Or you can see us as we truly are, a group of people that is the epitome of strength and perseverance; a group of people that knows and lives the word "commitment." A group of people brought to a strange land with nothing but the clothes on their backs; brought to a place that was totally foreign and new. Because of their determination and courage, they were able to adapt, and despite seemingly insurmountable obstacles, they have prospered and cut their niche in a place that tried everything in their power to keep them separate. How, my brothers, can you not be empowered by that? What other evidence do you need of our greatness? That, in itself, should be enough to inspire you to go out into the world with your head held high. So take a moment and acknowledge the greatness within you. You must understand that you are a very important part of history and no one is going to deny us what we deserve. Stand proud, my brothers, and bask in your greatness."