Book Cover Image of Was It Good for You Too? by Naleighna Kai

Was It Good for You Too?
by Naleighna Kai

Publication Date: Sep 21, 2014
List Price: $14.99
Format: Paperback, 250 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9780982682906
Imprint: Macro Publishing Group
Publisher: Macro Publishing Group
Parent Company: Macro Publishing Group

Paperback Description:

Tailan Song has four days to pull off the biggest accomplishment of her career or lose everything she’s worked so hard to gain. Throwing all her energy into making a Midwest tour for twenty-one authors work when everyone expects failure is certain to keep her mind off of the turmoil in her personal life. That is, until her high school sweetheart, Delvin Germaine, now an Oscar-winning actor, lands on the bus at the last minute, and the heartthrob spells certain trouble for Tailan. Years before, the couple complicated their lives by bringing another woman into the relationship to bear Delvin’s children. When threatened with losing the family he always wanted, Delvin felt he had no choice but to marry the surrogate and send Tailan packing, in spite of the fact that he loved Tailan like he loved no other woman.

Now seven years later, Fate has given Delvin four days to right old wrongs, and he’ll use everything in his power to win Tailan back. Unfortunately, Tailan is harboring a secret that she’s kept not only from him, but from the world. His determination to have her will turn the tables and make him have to either share Tailan with another man or walk away from the strongest love he’s ever known.

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