Book Cover Image of Smelling Herself: A Novel by Terris McMahan Grimes

Smelling Herself: A Novel
by Terris McMahan Grimes

Publication Date: Oct 27, 2013
List Price: $12.00
Format: Paperback
Classification: Fiction
Target Age Group: Middle Grade
ISBN13: 9781492300540
Imprint: CreateSpace
Publisher: On-Demand Publishing LLC
Parent Company:, Inc.

Paperback Description:

Smelling Herself is told through the voice of Bernadine, a precocious eleven-year-old wordsmith. Being an African American girl and living in West Oakland projects in 1964 can be a vulnerable and scary affair. Bernadine’s convinced that the solution to her predicament is to grow up. But she soon discovers that growing up is more complicated than she expected.

Though her community is loving-as is her mother and father-her environment is anything but child-friendly with kids getting shot by cops and others beating up their classmates in the tunnel that she has to pass through every day to and from school.

Her precarious sense of well-being begins to unravel when Jessie Mae, a girl not much older than she, moves into the apartment above hers and Bernadine discovers the child is being abused.

Fearless Bernadine makes it her mission to save Jessie Mae as though she’s saving herself and every other child who lives with constant threats, though the harder she tries to save Jessie Mae, the more her loved ones are put in danger.

Smelling Herself is imbued with Bernadine’s humor, intelligence, and kindred love, as Terris McMahan Grimes unflinchingly investigate-through the eyes of a quick-witted child-what it means to navigate dangerous times without fully understanding the world she lives in. It’s the story of childhood’s brazen hopes and hindrances.

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