Book Cover Image of Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code by Ruha Benjamin

Race After Technology: Abolitionist Tools for the New Jim Code
by Ruha Benjamin

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    Format: Paperback, 172 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9781509526406
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    Race After Technology is a brilliant, beautifully argued, engagingly written, and groundbreaking work. Ruha Benjamin is that rare scholar whose sophisticated understanding of science and technology is matched by her deep knowledge of race and racialization. Here she guides us into fresh terrain for understanding and tackling the persistence of racial inequality. This book should be read by everyone committed to creating a more just world.
    Imani Perry, Princeton University, author of Vexy Thing and Looking for Lorraine

    Race After Technology?is essential reading, decoding as it does the ever-expanding and morphing technologies that have infiltrated our everyday lives and our most powerful institutions. These digital tools predictably replicate and deepen racial hierarchies all too often strengthening rather than undermining pervasive systems of racial and social control.
    Michelle Alexander, Union Theological Seminary, author of The New Jim Crow

    Benjamins work is ideal for anyone who is unafraid to look at the historical intersections of racial injustice, technology, and where these topics inform possible solutions for the future.
    Library Journal

    [I]mpactfully written, well researched and refreshingly clear []?Simply said, ?Race After Technology?will become a staple in contemporary critical thinking at a time when it is most needed.
    Marx and Philosophy

    "Shines light on an important issue"
    Morning Star

    "Ruha Benjamin contributes to our understanding of the dangers of racism in the 21st century in her illuminating account of how racism and inequality underpin new technologies.? Benjamin reminds us that racism is everywhere - and by its very nature not only seeps into technological advances but is part of how they are designed."
    Times Higher Education

    "Whats ultimately distinctive about Race After Technology is that its withering critiques of the present are so galvanizing… This is perhaps Benjamins greatest feat in the book: Her inventive and wide-ranging analyses remind us that as much as we try to purge ourselves from our tools and view them as external to our flaws, they are always extensions of us. As exacting a worldview as that is, it is also inclusive and hopeful."
    The Nation

    "What sets her [book] apart is not her lucid, clear and engaging writing style but rather her broad empirical scope which covers examples from digital security and surveillance infrastructures right through to search engines and AI-powered beauty apps. They are exemplify what Benjamin calls the new Jim Code."
    Ethnic and Racial Studies

    "Benjamin has broken new ground with this volume, which is a crucial read for a wide audience, including novice consumers of technology all the way to the most experienced coders and creators."

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