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Iola Leroy: or, Shadows Uplifted
by Frances E. W. Harper

Publication Date:
List Price: $17.95 (store prices may vary)
Format: Paperback
Classification: Fiction
Page Count: 352
ISBN13: 9781554813858
Imprint: Broadview Press
Publisher: Broadview Press
Parent Company: Broadview Press

Book Description:
Frances Harper’s fourth novel follows the life of the beautiful, light-skinned Iola Leroy to tell the story of black families in slavery, during the Civil War, and after Emancipation. Iola Leroy adopts and adapts three genres that commanded significant audiences in the nineteenth century: the sentimental romance, the slave narrative, and plantation fiction. Written by the foremost black woman activist of the nineteenth century, the novel sheds light on the movements for abolition, public education, and voting rights through a compelling narrative. This edition engages the latest research on Harper’s life and work and offers ways to teach these major moments in United States history by centering the experiences of African Americans. The appendices provide primary documents that help readers do what they are seldom encouraged to do: consider the experiences and perspectives of people who are not white. The Introduction traces Harper’s biography and the changing critical perspectives on the novel.

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