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by Wanda Coleman

Publication Date:
List Price: $31.95
Format: Paperback, 270 pages
Classification: Poetry
ISBN13: 9781574231533
Imprint: Black Sparrow
Publisher: David R. Godine, Publisher
Parent Company: David R. Godine, Inc.
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Paperback Description:

Coleman’s courageous, impassioned voice, defiantly affirming itself in the face of social injustice and institutional dehumanization, rings out clearer than ever in her new book, Mercurochrome. So does her sensuous, vivid, tactile “verbal mandala”:

as i live it seems more like mercurochrome
than anything else
i can conjure up. it looks so pretty and red,
and smells of a balmy
coolness when you uncap the little applicator.
but swab it on an
open sore and you nearly die under the stabbing
burn. recovery
leaves a vague tenderness…

These high-energy, incandescent poems turn up the emotional thermostat, sizzling and shooting off sparks.

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