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Street Life
by Jihad Shaheed Uhuru

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Publication Date: Jun 01, 2007
List Price: Unavailable
Format: Mass Market Paperback, 300 pages
Classification: Fiction
ISBN13: 9781601620071
Imprint: Urban Books
Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corp.
Parent Company: Kensington Publishing Corp.

Mass Market Paperback Description:

Street Life is a journey into the struggle of a young black male raised in America’s inner city streets. Not since Donald Goines and Claude Brown has there been a story written from the male perspective about the inner city streets that compares. As the merry-go-round of life in the hood is relived, explanations will become evident for the events and circumstances that lead so many to the prison-gates. In this true to life story a vivid, colorful picture is painted of why growing up in an environment where happiness is sought in the bottom of liquor bottles, needles and dope sacks is just ordinary life in the hood. Whenever one tries to break the cycle, unseen hands pull at him to continue the course he was conditioned to complete. It takes a conviction and lengthy prison stay for Jihad to change his thinking and change the course of his life.

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