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Jihad Shaheed Uhuru is a 2-Time AALBC.com Bestselling Author

Jihad grew up in a single-family home in Indianapolis, Indiana and Atlanta, Georgia. By the age of 16, he was selling drugs and embarking on a criminal career that seven years later would lead him to prison, but not before his lifestyle would cause him to be stabbed, shot, and left paralyzed from a car accident.

Although over time he miraculously regained the use of his legs he still served over seven years in six different federal prisons up and down the east coast. While serving time, Jihad looked up to a group of older socio-political self-taught prisoners who raised his awareness about himself and his past. He discovered books, mostly by black authors and historians, which was something that never spurred his interest while in school.

Jihad started researching and writing about subjects that he was sure many misunderstood, like History, religion, hood-psyche, and society in general. His focus and discipline prepared him to write his first book, an autobiographical account of his life, the award-winning book Streetlife which is studied in schools, such as Fordham University, University of Texas, and others. Streetlife is the first and currently only book categorized in the Urban genre that is taught overseas in Germany’s Humboldt University. He calls his genre of literature conscious hip-hop fiction. His goal is to be the voice of the thousands of self taught positive prison inmates that will never be heard. Jihad is a motivational speaker, founder and CEO of Envisions Publishing. He is also the founder of The Jihad Uhuru Wake Up Everybody Foundation which is dedicated to re-educating our urban youth through reading and understanding history.

Jihad graduated summa cum laude no.1 in his 2014 graduating class at Georgia State University where he earned his bachelor’s in African-American Studies.

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