Book Cover Image of The Silent Agreement: An Illusion of Inclusion in Black Corporate America by Wil Shelton

The Silent Agreement: An Illusion of Inclusion in Black Corporate America
by Wil Shelton

    Publication Date: Jun 19, 2021
    List Price: $19.95
    Format: Paperback, 350 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
    ISBN13: 9781736861301
    Imprint: WP Integrated Marketing
    Publisher: WP Integrated Marketing
    Parent Company: Wil Power Integrated Marketing (WPIM)
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    Paperback Description:

    "Like the sport of boxing, corporate America is rigged, and those who fall victim to its corruption have a difficult time proving they were victims of double-dealing because it happens behind closed doors."

    From legacy corporations to Silicon Valley startups, a large majority of American companies - and the advertising agencies that represent them—still staff their halls and fill their C-suites with one type of person: Caucasian American men. It has resulted in a "white echo chamber" of voices that are often out of touch with the demographics of American consumers who demand more than empty statements of solidarity.

    In his book, THE SILENT AGREEMENT, Wil Shelton provides insight into the subtle and not-so-subtle, below-the-belt tactics white corporate leaders use to knock out African American executives. He empowers Black executives and their allies to go toe-to-toe with white corporate America by explaining how boxing techniques can prepare them for the fight of their lives.

    • Too many Black professionals in corporate America make what boxers call a "silent agreement" not to fight day-to-day racism in exchange for their chance in the ring.
    • Meanwhile, white leaders use a "Black scorecard" weighted in favor of whites and expect twice as much from Blacks for half the reward, putting African Americans at a deficit.
    • Black professionals have been on the wrong side of the ropes for too long, accepting ringside seats to the battle for money, power, and influence in corporate America.
    • Often Black executives turn to bobbing and weaving to escape the non-stop blows coming their way. Whether in boxing or corporate America, how a person executes bobbing and weaving tactics may have to do with whether they’re fighting out of fear or fighting to win.
    • Continuing to fight against white-is-thinking can feel futile. However history has shown that when blatant racists and sexists openly belittle, berate, and deny Black people their seat at the table. Black professionals can win by taking a firm stand.
    • Black executives who want to outlast their opponents must train vigorously to build stamina and endurance.
    • Companies with Corporate Social Responsibility programs have proven to be more profitable than those who do not see the value in such investments and practices.
    • Diversity and Inclusion departments need to protect Black employees with regulations like the 12th round. No one fighting for the company’s interest should be expected to sustain ongoing abuse that results in life-changing injuries or career-ending blows.
    • Every employee is a potential heavyweight champion, but without the proper training and promotion, white employees will continue to dominate the ring at the expense of the corporation itself.

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