Book Cover Image of Haruko/Love Poems (High Risk Books) by June Jordan

Haruko/Love Poems (High Risk Books)
by June Jordan

    Publication Date: Feb 01, 1993
    List Price: $18.00
    Format: Paperback, 140 pages
    Classification: Poetry
    ISBN13: 9781852423230
    Imprint: Serpent’s Tail
    Publisher: Serpent’s Tail
    Parent Company: Serpent’s Tail
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    Paperback Description:

    For HarukoLittle moves on sight
    blinded by histories
    as trivial or expansive
    as the rain
    seducing light
    into a blurred excitementThen
    she opens
    all of one eye
    as accurate as longing
    as two hands beholden to the hunger of green leavesand
    rinsing them back
    into regular breath
    she who sees
    she frees each of these
    beggarly events
    cleansing them
    of dust and other deathPoem about Process
    And Progress
    For HarukoHey Baby you betta
    hurry it up!
    since you went totally
    I seen a full moon
    I seen a half moon
    I seen a quarter moon
    I seen no moon whatsoever!I seen a equinox
    I seen a solstice
    I seen Mars and Venus on a line
    I seen a mess a fickle stars
    and lately
    I seen this new kind a luva
    on an’ off the telephone
    who like to talk to me
    all the timereal niceResolution # 1,003I will love who loves me
    I will love as much as I am loved
    I will hate who hates me
    I will feel nothing for everyone oblivious to me
    I will stay indifferent to indifference
    I will live hostile to hostility
    I will make myself a passionate and eager lover
    In response to passionate and eager loveI will be nobody’s foolForewordWHAT IS THIS thing called love, in the poems of June Jordan, artist, teacher, social critic, visionary of human solidarity? First of all, it’s a motive; the power Che Guevara was trying to invoke in his much-quoted assertion: "At the risk of appearing ridiculous … the true revolutionary is moved by great feelings of love." I think also of Paul Nizan: "You think you are innocent if you say, ’I love this woman and I want to act in accordance with my love,’ but you are beginning the revolution… . You will be driven back: to claim the right to a human act is to attack the forces responsible for all the misery in the world." Neither of them, admittedly, was claiming the love of a woman for women, the love of a man for men, as revolutionary, as a human act.But the motive is "directed by desire" in Jordan

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