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Bake-Face And Other Guava Stories
by Opal Palmer Adisa

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    Format: Paperback, 166 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    ISBN13: 9781902294322
    Imprint: Mango Publishing
    Publisher: Mango Publishing
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    Fiction. African American Studies. BAKEFACE AND OTHER GUAVA STORIES is the fi rst title in Mango Publishing’s new Classic Series, which will bring back into print tried and tested quality fi ction with an international reputation. This established collection is made up of four Jamaican stories: `Bake-Face’, `Duppy Get Her’, `Me Man Angel’ and `Widow’s Walk’. Adisa won the 1987 Pushcart Prize award for the short story, `Duppy Get Her’. An important thematic thread running through the stories is woman’s relationship with self, woman’s relationships with one another and with men, community, motherhood, hope, emptiness and power. Marginalised by both patriarchal and imperial structures, these women have, in effect, been victimised into a kind of voicelessness which Adisa subverts through her writing. In the stories, Adisa develops a new language to give voice to her women characters. Hers is a voice speaking from within the community, though the narrative is frequently focalised through the protagonist’s consciousness. "Solid, visceral, important stories written with integrity and love"—Alice Walker. Opal Palmer Adisa is a Jamaica-born novelist, poet, essayist, children’s book author, visual artist, storyteller and teacher. Though she has lived in the United States since age 16, Adisa’s work is rooted in Caribbean landscapes.

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