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Click for more detail about The Strong Black Woman: How a Myth Endangers the Physical and Mental Health of Black Women by Marita Golden The Strong Black Woman: How a Myth Endangers the Physical and Mental Health of Black Women

by Marita Golden
Mango Publishing (Oct 12, 2021)
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How African American Women Repair and Recover from Trauma and Racism

Meet Black women who have learned though hard lessons the importance of self-care and how to break through the cultural and sometimes family resistance to seeking therapy and professional mental health care.

"Black don’t crack". The Strong Black Woman Syndrome is a racist and sexist archetype created to marginalize Black women. It is a toxic ideology that is a major factor contributing to the dismal health metrics for Black women, showing that four out of five are overweight and are more likely to suffer a stroke or heart attack than White women. The syndrome calls on Black women to be the problem-solvers and chief caretakers for everyone in their lives. "Black don’t crack" is a familiar adage. We never buckle, never feel vulnerable, and never bother others with our pain.

Black women face a hidden mental health crisis of anxiety and depression. To be a Black woman in America is to know that you cannot protect your children or guarantee their safety, that your value is consistently questioned, and that even being "twice as good" is often not good enough. Consequently, Black women disproportionately experience anxiety and depression. Studies now conclusively connect racism and mental health―and physical health.

Time to take care of your emotional health. Not because you are "crazy" but because you deserve to be emotionally healthy for yourself and those you love. More and more young African American women are re-examining the Strong Black Woman syndrome and engaging in self-care practices that positively change their lives.

In The Strong Black Woman, hear the stories of African American women who:

  • Asked for help when they needed it
  • Built lives that offer healing every day
  • Learned to accept that healing―and deserve it

If you have read The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health, The Racial Healing Handbook, or Black Fatigue, The Strong Black Woman should be your next read.

Click for more detail about Raising Confident and Empowered Black Kids: A Comprehensive Guide for Badass Black Parenting by M.J. Fievre Raising Confident and Empowered Black Kids: A Comprehensive Guide for Badass Black Parenting

by M.J. Fievre
Mango Publishing (Apr 13, 2021)
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How to Raise Black Kids in a Racist World

Raising Confident and Empowered Black Kids includes everything Black and multi-racial families need to know to raise empowered, confident children. From the realities of living while Black to age-appropriate ways to discuss racism with your children, educator M.J. Fievre provides a much-needed resource for parents of Black kids everywhere.

It’s hard to balance protecting your child’s innocence with preparing them for the realities of Black life. When—and how—do you approach racism with your children? How do you protect their physical and mental health while also preparing them for a country full of systemic racism? On the heels of Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Cafeteria and "Multiplication Is for White People" comes a parenting book specifically for parents of Black kids.

Now, there’s a guide to help you teach your kids how to thrive—even when it feels like the world is against them. From racial profiling and police encounters to the whitewashed lessons of history taught in schools, raising Black kids is no easy feat. In Raising Confident and Empowered Black Kids, teacher M.J. Fievre passes on the tips and guidance that have helped her educate her Black students, including:

  • How to encourage creativity and build self-confidence in your kids
  • Ways to engage in activism and help build a safer community with and for your children—and ways to rest when you need to
  • How to explain systemic racism, intersectionality, and micro-aggressions

If you found guidance and inspiration from books like The Unapologetic Guide to Black Mental Health, Mother to Son, or Breathe, you’ll love Raising Confident and Empowered Black Kids.

Click for more detail about Black Brave Beautiful: A Badass Black Girl’s Coloring Book by M.J. Fievre Black Brave Beautiful: A Badass Black Girl’s Coloring Book

by M.J. Fievre
Mango Publishing (Aug 11, 2020)
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An African-American & Black Fashion Coloring Book with an Empowering Twist

Adult coloring books for women are a great way to get inspired, relieve stress, and now—unleash your inner badass Black girl. Black Brave Beautifulis an adult coloring book for young and older creatives jam-packed with intricate designs and empowering quotes from notable Black figures.

A combination of inspirational coloring books for adults and stress relief coloring books for women. The cool companion to MJ Fievre’s life guide, Badass Black Girl, is finally here. A girls coloring book like no other, Black Brave Beautiful provides anxiety relief alongside words of encouragement to make the perfect addition to any collection of adult and teen coloring books for girls. This coloring book for teens and women of color contains sixty unique, Black-inspired designs in a wide variety of subjects like geometric patterns, mandalas, personal affirmations and mantras, animals, and strong feminine figures.

Quote coloring books for adults to unleash creative empowerment. Color and shade in a palette of your own choosing with this Black girl coloring book. A twist on traditional African-American coloring books, Black Brave Beautiful urges girls and women to gain self-confidence through inspirational quotes from notable and visionary Black women while colorfully guiding them in the direction of their dreams. Inside, you’ll find excerpts from inspirational books and quotes by badass Black women like:

  • Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie
  • Gabby Douglas
  • Oprah Winfrey
  • Maya Angelou
  • And more!

If you enjoy inspirational books for women, teen coloring books, or coloring books for women—like Creative Haven African Glamour Coloring Book, Black Women Adults Coloring Book, An Inspirational Colouring Book For Everyone, or Adult Coloring Book for Good Vibes—then you’ll love, Black Brave Beautiful.

Click for more detail about Badass Black Girl: Questions, Quotes, and Affirmations for Teens by M.J. Fievre Badass Black Girl: Questions, Quotes, and Affirmations for Teens

by M.J. Fievre
Mango Publishing (Jan 14, 2020)
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Teen and YA Self-Esteem, for Readers of All Boys Aren’t Blue

#1 New Release in Cultural Heritage Biographies, Publishers Weekly Select Title for Young Readers ─ A Daily Dose of Inspiration for African American Teens

Inspiration for strong, fearless women. Badass black female trailblazers who accomplished remarkable things in literature, entertainment, education, STEM, business, military and government services, politics and law, activism, sports, spirituality, and more.

Explore the many facets of your identity through hundreds of big and small questions. MJ Fievre tackles topics such as family and friends, school and careers, body image, and stereotypes in this journal designed for teenage girls. By reflecting on these topics, readers confront the issues that can hold them back from living their lives.

Embrace authenticity and celebrate who you are. Finding the courage to live as you are is not easy, so here’s a journal designed to help readers nurture their creativity, self-motivation, and positive self-awareness. This journal celebrates girl power and honors the strength and spirit of black girls.

Change the way you view the world. This journal provides words of encouragement that seek not just to inspire, but to ignite discussion and debate about the world. Girls, especially, are growing up in a world that tries to tell them how to look and act. MJ Fievre encourages readers to fight the flow and determine for themselves who they want to be.

Quotes, questions, and affirmations for teens to help you:

  • Build and boost your self-esteem with powerful affirmations
  • Learn more about yourself through intensive and insightful journaling
  • Resist the mold that outside opinions have put into place, and become comfortable and confident in embracing your authentic self

If books like All Boys Aren’t Blue, Stamped, 100 African-Americans Who Shaped American History, or This Book is Antiracist have interested you, then Badass Black Girl should be the next book you read!

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Click for more detail about Bake-Face And Other Guava Stories by Opal Palmer Adisa Bake-Face And Other Guava Stories

by Opal Palmer Adisa
Mango Publishing (Sep 01, 2007)
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Fiction. African American Studies. BAKEFACE AND OTHER GUAVA STORIES is the fi rst title in Mango Publishing’s new Classic Series, which will bring back into print tried and tested quality fi ction with an international reputation. This established collection is made up of four Jamaican stories: `Bake-Face’, `Duppy Get Her’, `Me Man Angel’ and `Widow’s Walk’. Adisa won the 1987 Pushcart Prize award for the short story, `Duppy Get Her’. An important thematic thread running through the stories is woman’s relationship with self, woman’s relationships with one another and with men, community, motherhood, hope, emptiness and power. Marginalised by both patriarchal and imperial structures, these women have, in effect, been victimised into a kind of voicelessness which Adisa subverts through her writing. In the stories, Adisa develops a new language to give voice to her women characters. Hers is a voice speaking from within the community, though the narrative is frequently focalised through the protagonist’s consciousness. "Solid, visceral, important stories written with integrity and love"—Alice Walker. Opal Palmer Adisa is a Jamaica-born novelist, poet, essayist, children’s book author, visual artist, storyteller and teacher. Though she has lived in the United States since age 16, Adisa’s work is rooted in Caribbean landscapes.

Click for more detail about Black Woman and other Poems/Mujer Negra y otros poemas by Nancy Morejón Black Woman and other Poems/Mujer Negra y otros poemas

by Nancy Morejón
Mango Publishing (Apr 01, 2004)
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Poetry. Latino/Latina Studies. African American Studies. Bilingual Edition. Translated from the Spanish by Jean Andrews. BLACK WOMAN AND OTHER POEMS is Nancy Morejón’s single most complete collection of poetry available in English. Morejón is one of Cuba’s finest poets. Arranged by the poet herself, this anthology spans more than three decades of work and draws from her most popular and critically acclaimed publications, including Grenada Notebook, Indispensable October, and Places in Time.