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Culinaria: The United States - A Culinary Discovery
by Peter Feierabend

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    Format: Hardcover, 512 pages
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    ISBN13: 9783829002592
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    Part cookbook and part encyclopedia, this enormous book is a vibrant celebration of American regional cooking and cultures. Candid shots of the foods, markets, delis, and restaurants of every region are a splendid reminder of the diverse heritage of the United States. From New Orleans’s vibrant French markets famous for Creole tomatoes, okra, and sweet potatoes to the state fairs of the Midwest, where giant corn dogs and pumpkins the size of houses are all the rage, Culinara is a fascinating waltz across America’s palate. Typically, each chapter is introduced with a look at the region’s quintessential crops and foods—apples, berries, and cheese in the Northwest; oranges, olives, asparagus, and avocados in California. Dispersed among color photographs and a feast of food and drink wisdom are recipes inspired by each region’s specialty. A simple recipe for Pasta with Asparagus and Mushrooms makes good use of California’s succulent vegetables; Oregon Trail Soup, a dish brimming with buttery beans, evokes a feel for the Great Plains, campfires, and cowboys! Neatly balanced within each chapter are recipes and commentaries on both classic cooking and ethnic cooking. In the Pacific Northwest, Japanese sashimi (raw fish) is all the rage in Seattle’s thriving international district. Just down the road, traditional freshwater salmon is a favorite at the city’s oldest food market, the Pike Place Market. Snippets of history, recipe ideas, and inspiration accompany each locale, whether in Seattle, New York, or a far-flung Midwestern homestead. This is an excellent and all-encompassing guide to the foods and culinary history of the United States. —Naomi Gesinger

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