Book Cover Image of Two Masks One Heart 3 by Jacob Spears

Two Masks One Heart 3
by Jacob Spears

    Publication Date: Oct 10, 2016
    List Price: Unavailable
    Format: Paperback
    Classification: Fiction
    Imprint: Good2go Publishing
    Publisher: Good2go Publishing
    Parent Company: Good2go Publishing

    Paperback Description:

    In the criminal underworld it takes a lot to rise to the top. But for a woman it’s nearly impossible. Very few females run in this world and the ones who wield a considerable amount of power are even fewer. Tameka… is one of those few. But what could possibly distract from her goals? A man of course. After a complicated past Tameka has learned to play men to aid her ascension up the criminal ladder. But Maurice reminds her of the only man she’s ever loved, Benjamin. Further complicating matters is his current squeeze Shaquana. A close friend to Tameka. Tameka now ponders betraying her friend to get what she wants. Her upwards trajectory on the streets however has boosted her confidence. Thus she schemes to steal Maurice away. Shaquana meanwhile is a beautiful young woman who’d normally have no problem keeping a man. Until she herself meets someone. A meeting that eventually leads to a steamy encounter, and brings into play one factor that could break up her relationship… betrayal! A breach of loyalty that may be, the opportunity Tameka needs to attain her prize.