Book Cover Image of Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Tiffani Quarles-Sanders

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
by Tiffani Quarles-Sanders

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    Format: Kindle eBook, 138 pages
    Classification: Nonfiction
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    Kindle eBook Description:

    It belonged to her. Debra Nowden knew it, and she would walk through hell before she let anyone walk away with what was rightfully hers. After David Cayson, the man she loves, dies, Debra is left without a home to live in or a dime to survive. Deciding that no one will deny her the right to what she is due, not even his wife, Debra sets out on a mission. Armed with the knowledge that David gave her about his family business, Cayson Construction, Debra is poised to get what she wants and possibly provide justice for the 1964 death of a successful Black businessman in Montgomery, Alabama.

    One family company, two wives, and many lives cross paths in this tale of determination to not only survive but also thrive. Everyone has something to hide, and sometimes it is best just to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.