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by Hisani P. Dubose
Amazon Digital Services (Jul 28, 2020)
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Being happy does not mean that everything goes your way and you never have problems. Nor does it mean you can push a button or take a pill to escape difficulties. Your life is a great journey and the key is to find your passion and live it. If your passion is taking care of children work with or open a day care center. If you love physics pursue that road. The point is we all have to work in some capacity to support ourselves so don’t be afraid to explore and discover what you love doing. This may sound like a fairytale but its not.

Open yourself up to new information, new places, cultures, adventures. Don’t hold on to old opinions, grudges or even thoughts. This approach to life will not protect you from disappointments, emotional pain, loss, or any of the upsets that accompany being a human. It will help you deal with life differently and not hold yourself back. I hope you will find my story engaging, challenging, comforting and even a mirror. Every human being can Be Epic!

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by Martha Kennerson
Amazon Digital Services (Feb 05, 2019)
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India Slone has one thing on her mind, expanding her already flourishing advertising agency. That is until a wealthy University of Houston alum wills a valuable piece of land to the school and the adjacent community known as the Ward. The will states that only something that benefits both the school and the community can be built on the land. When India is asked to assist her alma mater in raising money and secure support for an education and job search resource center, she jumps at the opportunity.

Jonathon Victor, Chief of the City’s Fire Department, has dedicated his life to service. As a third generation fireman, Jonathon understands the need to have the appropriate amount of firehouses embedded in the community. He also understands the city’s difficulty in making that a reality. When Jonathon is approached to act as an advocate for a community service organization trying to raise money and support for a volunteer fire station and training center on the gifted land, he too accepts the offer.

When the two adversaries meet, they are struck by a surprising and uncontainable desire. Will unexpected and highly explosive passion lead to a compromise or all-out war?

Click for more detail about ASCLEPIUS by Christopher M. Rutledge ASCLEPIUS

by Christopher M. Rutledge
Kindle Direct Publishing (Feb 01, 2019)
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Dr. Geoffrey Chance Du Bois, a noted alternative medicine doctor holds his annual health symposium in Atlanta, GA. An attendee raises his hand. “So my question is regarding…” He hesitates and appears nervous. Dr. Du Bois smiles, “It’s OK, ignore the large crowd.” The attendee takes a deep breath, then continues, “…My question is regarding the recent deaths and disappearances of alternative medicine doctors. What are your thoughts on that? Is it coincidence, or…” A hush falls over the crowd. Is there a correlation? Or just hapless coincidence? Dr. Du Bois doubts that the rumors are true. He doesn’t believe in conspiracy theories…or should he?

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by Janice Pernell
Amazon Digital Services (Jan 14, 2019)
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Michael Parks can either save Nia Tate, the woman he once loved, then deserted, from being killed by a career criminal, or he can save Corazon, a migrant toddler, from being sold away from her family.

Michael’s heart won’t let him save one and leave the other to a horrible ending. Unfortunately, the short window of time he has before Nia and Corazon each face their fate is not nearly enough time to save them both—unless he can convince Nia to overcome her broken heart enough to help him.

If Nia will trust him once more, even if only for this one night, her destiny and Corazon’s destiny will forever be changed. And Nia just might find in the process that love—and Michael—never fails.

Story Note from the Author:
“I’ve always been an avid reader of fiction and even edited the work of other national bestselling authors for several years. But I get an incomparable thrill from creating my own stories that entertain readers and cause them to reflect on important issues. I hope Cayenne does both for you.”

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by Martha Kennerson
Amazon Digital Services (Jan 14, 2019)
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Dr. Tonya Banks spent her life focusing on her career and developing her craft. She followed all the rules, and it served her well. The successful ER physician heads one of the most prestigious hospital emergency rooms in the country. Finding love was never on her list of priorities. Dr. Charles “Chuck” Murphy is a world-renowned neurologist whose surgical talents are by far one of the best in the world. His skills in the operating room catapulted him to a level of success that only one other person always knew he would achieve, his best friend. Tonya and Chuck met in medical school and instantly became friends. They encouraged and supported each other, but their shared attraction remained secret and dormant.

Years later, a medical conference brought the two friends back together where they finally explored an unbridled passion. Their wild and sexy weekend ended, and they went back to their respective lives. What happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas; including surprising and still unreciprocated love. Nearly two years later, consequences of their scandalous weekend threaten the lives they each worked so hard to achieve. Will the good doctors finally put their past to bed and move on to their happily ever after?

Click for more detail about Self-Value: The Story of Me by Brandon Williams Self-Value: The Story of Me

by Brandon Williams
Kindle Direct Publishing (Jan 01, 2019)
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Life is exactly what you make it, if you allow yourself to quit you will become a quitter. Our Lord fought and died for us so that we may have peace, longevity, and prosperity.

I believe that failure isn't achieved when you don’t reach a goal, but by allowing the outcome of not achieving a goal to make you feel as though you have failed. Failure doesn't occur when a goal isn't achieved, but rather when one allows his or her spirit to be broken by life and simply stops trying.

I say that one day soon the hardships in and of my life shall make me very fortunate and it shall inspire the world. This is an autobiography about my life. This is also an inspirational message to all people.

Self-Value: The Story of Me, is an eye-opening, poignant, often hilarious story that explores my twelve years of childhood homelessness, juvenile delinquency and success. My life story is about a mother and son in peril that finds serenity through their faith. In sharing my story, I highlight many problems society is faced with today such as domestic violence, illiteracy, bullying, low self-esteem, depression, and suicide. My story resonates with people fighting against those conditions and similar life experiences. This account of grand proportion has its fair share of humor, inspiration, suspense, betrayal, crime, sex and romance.

I am a by-product of all that is least desired and overlooked. When I was seven, I was functioning as an adult. By the time I made twelve, I was on my own and raised myself from that time forward. I grew up in a low-income community and was homeless most of my childhood. I believe that practicing self-value can lead to life improvement.

Click for more detail about Let Sleeping Dogs Lie by Tiffani Quarles-Sanders Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

by Tiffani Quarles-Sanders
Amazon Digital Services (Dec 12, 2018)
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It belonged to her. Debra Nowden knew it, and she would walk through hell before she let anyone walk away with what was rightfully hers. After David Cayson, the man she loves, dies, Debra is left without a home to live in or a dime to survive. Deciding that no one will deny her the right to what she is due, not even his wife, Debra sets out on a mission. Armed with the knowledge that David gave her about his family business, Cayson Construction, Debra is poised to get what she wants and possibly provide justice for the 1964 death of a successful Black businessman in Montgomery, Alabama.

One family company, two wives, and many lives cross paths in this tale of determination to not only survive but also thrive. Everyone has something to hide, and sometimes it is best just to Let Sleeping Dogs Lie.

Click for more detail about I Took You for Granted: The Short Stories of Allen Griff’s Double Life by Johanna Sparrow I Took You for Granted: The Short Stories of Allen Griff’s Double Life

by Johanna Sparrow
Amazon Digital Services (Jul 05, 2018)
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I knew my marriage was over after my wife caught me cheating on her again. But the cheating wasn’t the reason I ended our relationship. No, it wasn’t, and I told myself a million times that I would’ve stayed or tried to make things work with her if only she had kept her head on straight, which was all I wanted. But she became unglued. I’ve always seen my wife as a strong black woman never afraid of taking risk. Never one for falling apart, no matter the circumstances or roadblocks ahead. But I’ll tell you, the day I saw her fall apart was the day I saw she was no different than I was, human, and it was also the day I walked away. And now, looking back on it all, I regret it. My name is Allen Griff, and I took the love of my life for granted, and now my life is over.

Click for more detail about EMMA, LOCK  YOUR DOORS AT NIGHT,  SWEETY: A Mother’s Bittersweet Message to Her Estranged Daughter by Johanna Sparrow EMMA, LOCK YOUR DOORS AT NIGHT, SWEETY: A Mother’s Bittersweet Message to Her Estranged Daughter

by Johanna Sparrow
Amazon Digital Services (Mar 09, 2018)
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If you’re a mother raising a daughter, you know how difficult things can become seemingly overnight. Holding on too tight or not tight enough can make for one tense rollercoaster ride that can be fatal in maintaining a healthy relationship.

Such was the story of Emma and her mother’s relationship that, over time, ceased to exist, but only in her mother’s thoughts. Questioning if there was love on both sides and what could’ve been done to save their relationship is a burden that Emma’s mother now carries.

Emma’s gone, and she’s not talking. Who can imagine never seeing their child again and living with the regret of not doing enough to salvage their relationship?

In a desperate, last-minute attempt to save their relationship, if not her sanity, Emma’s mother penned an open, ten-page letter that exposed her broken heart to her daughter, in hopes that she’d return home. She went from acceptance to blaming Emma for their relationship not working, and that meant she was finally releasing everything to God.

The end had come, and it was time for her to finally face the truth—Emma was gone and keeping Emma in her heart was all she had left of their relationship. Making peace with that is the only way she could truly move on. Hoping Emma would one day see her letter and know it was written from the heart was all she wanted.

Emma knew her mother was afraid that she’d move away from home one day, and her mother would always tell her, “Lock your doors at night, sweety.” That’s what she titled her letter, which turned out to be a final goodbye and bittersweet ending to a relationship that never had closure.

Click for more detail about Dismissive Avoidant in Love: How Understanding the Four Main Styles of Attachment Can Impact Your Relationship by Johanna Sparrow Dismissive Avoidant in Love: How Understanding the Four Main Styles of Attachment Can Impact Your Relationship

by Johanna Sparrow
Amazon Digital Services (Feb 28, 2018)
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Changing your attachment style isn’t something most people want to think about, and what incentive do they have to do so. They’ve been doing things a certain way for very long, and it’s hard for many people to take an honest look at themselves. It’s no wonder your relationships aren’t working, or worse, they end before they’ve even begun. People who are in this position struggle with not knowing what they truly need from their partner, which leads them to feel a whirlwind of emotions that often fluctuate between highs and lows. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses in a relationship can help you alter your mental processes and gain an understanding of what makes a relationship flourish.

Attachments are established during childhood and throughout early adulthood. Everything you know about the inner workings of relationships is predicated on the attachments you’ve formed throughout your life. How you go about getting your needs met today may be no different than when you were a child. But knowledge of the four attachment styles can help improve your understanding of your and your partner’s needs.

When you learn about your attachment style, you’ll understand what you need and how to get it. Also, you’ll understand more about your partner and the attachments they are connected to. Your attachment style may be the key to understanding your perspective on how relationships should work. Certain attachments can create misery that leads to insecurity and feelings of being unfulfilled. Are you constantly putting your desires before your partner’s needs? And are you expecting someone else to make you happy instead of realizing that happiness comes from within? Is your partner distancing him or herself from you?

We all want happy, healthy relationships, but are you willing to take responsibility for unhealthy attachments you’ve created and make the necessary changes that will foster an unselfish and loving relationship? If your relationship is falling apart and you’re not sure why, you’re not alone. More people are starting to identify the negative attachments that were developed during childhood and the impact they’re having during adulthood. My goal is to help you understand the four types of attachments and how they can either hinder or improve your relationships.

Click for more detail about Child Support or State Support: Who are We Supporting? by Nahum Thermidor Child Support or State Support: Who are We Supporting?

by Nahum Thermidor
Amazon Digital Services (Oct 13, 2016)
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This is the story of two fathers who were put on child support by their girlfriends out of revenge. After the disintegration of their relationships, the women became so vicious, and decided to use the child support system as a weapon to financially crush their exes and deprive them of their beloved children. Both fathers worked so hard to maintain a relationship with their children, but the end results have been nowhere near their expectations.

This book exposes the malfeasance of some of the people working for the Child Support System and the arbitrary, unfair, and biased laws that shelter that corrupt system. This system does not care about the parent, but rather incapacitates them financially and destroys their lives under the false pretense of “best interest of the child.” As we have stated throughout the book, we are NOT against the concept of child support; however, the system is heavily dysfunctional and would work better if it were fairer, less biased, and more transparent. This book may describe the mistreatment of two men by the Child Support System, but it truly tells the story of millions of men and women who find themselves in the same situation.

Click for more detail about Satan’s Sex Scandal: Exposing the Conspiracy to Destroy the Black Church by R. Renee Satan’s Sex Scandal: Exposing the Conspiracy to Destroy the Black Church

by R. Renee
Amazon Digital Services (May 08, 2016)
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A Bishop. A Scandal. The Black Church. What do they all have in common? The Hidden Hand of Satan. an African American pastor of a mega-church had it all – money, fame and power. Then a shocking sex scandal toppled his kingdom and shook the Black church to its core. You know the story, but a key part of it has never been told – until now.

Inside the book, you’ll discover a disturbing and sinister conspiracy aimed at making African American Christians bow down at the feet of one of the most dangerous agendas ever devised.

Based on court documents, government reports and sound spiritual insights, Satan’s Sex Scandal blows the doors wide open on the secret, satanic war against the Black church. What you read will change the way you look at the scandal and Satan forever.

Bestselling author R. Renee has written an eye-opening book about the ways African American Christians can understand the current social issues taking place and how to stand firm in the midst of cultural changes that challenge their beliefs and values.

Click for more detail about Shoe Fetish 2: Grown Into High Heels by Sharon Bennett & Beatrice Moore Shoe Fetish 2: Grown Into High Heels

by Sharon Bennett & Beatrice Moore
Amazon Digital Services (Feb 03, 2016)
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There is definitely an immediate emotional attachment we experience when we see "the one"-that shoe (or that man) and try them on, praying for the perfect fit, and Oh, Lord Have Mercy, how we pray that it will fit! These three friends continue to find their way through life, love, and its relationships transferring all power and emotions via their shoes, which hold secrets. Some harmless and some deadly; and, though Carmen is untrusting of men and their secrets, she has a few deadly secrets of her own. Women love their shoes for varied reasons. Shoes are not only for protection, beauty, and sex; but, for the life that they can transcend you to, and the secrets that may not have been shared with another person are sometimes within the soles of the shoes. "In Shoe Fetish, Bennett and Moore have created a sad yet warmly uplifting version of the time-honored transition into womanhood. Their sensitive portrayal of Carmen's resolute honesty and ultimate empowerment make for an enduring heroine and entertaining reading. " - Ellen Tanner Marsh, NY Time Bestselling Romance Novelist. "I absolutely loved reading Shoe Fetish in my trailer between takes. I can't wait for the sequel!" - Maria Howell- singer/actress of Color Purple, Daddy's Girls, Army Wives, and more.

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by Kalisha Buckhanon
Amazon Digital Services (Oct 13, 2015)
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While struggling with infertility, Candy and Frankie, a mixed-race couple living in Chicago, decide to adopt a Black child. Despite objections from their wildly different families, who beg the couple to go the more “traditional route,” Candy and Frankie schedule an appointment with the Department of Child Family Services in the hopes of finding not an infant, but a toddler—a child “no one else wants.” Beautifully rendered in a voice unlike any other in contemporary fiction, Pick Me grapples with notions of race, privilege, and ambition in the modern age – and the strain those forces can put on a relationship.

Click for more detail about God Why Am I Still Single? by R. Renee God Why Am I Still Single?

by R. Renee
Amazon Digital Services (Aug 01, 2015)
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Are you all “prayed out” and tired of waiting on God to send your husband? In the midst of it all are you asking: God why am I still single? In this book you'll discover nine life-changing answers to that question. This book will help you: Identify and overcome the obstacles blocking your prayer request for a husband. Prepare for the best man God has for you. Feel inspired, empowered and encouraged to live your best life now until your husband shows up. Stay focused on Mr. Right while avoiding Mr. Wrong. God why Am I Still Single is not your run-of-the-mill relationship book on how to find a man. It is a spiritual guide for Black women who are seeking insight into why her prayer for a husband is not being answered - and what she can do in order to receive the husband she desires and deserves.

Click for more detail about Write Your Book in 4 Weeks: No More Fear by Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood and Tiphani Montgomery Write Your Book in 4 Weeks: No More Fear

by Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood and Tiphani Montgomery
Amazon Digital Services (Jul 16, 2015)
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Award Winning Publisher Tressa “Azarel” Smallwood and Essence Magazine Best Selling Author, Tiphani Montgomery combined their 15 years of experience in the publishing industry to bring you Write Your Book in 4 Weeks. After hearing the many excuses aspiring authors gave them during their sessions in The Best Sellers Project, a school for aspiring writers and publishers, these two powerhouses decided to pen a quick guide that will have soon-to-be authors writing 3,000 words or more per day.

Azarel and Tiphani share visions, secrets, and personal stories that will inspire you and have you committed to writing daily . You'll learn:

  • How to block out any form of Writers’ Block.
  • How to write an outline that will lead you to a best seller.
  • How to determine the genre of your book.
  • How to increase your hourly (and daily) word count. A real, practical plan. One that you can start on immediately.
  • The secrets to developing a daily writing habit that other authors don't talk about enough.
  • How to write a winning synopsis.

This is for serious authors, both beginner and advanced, who want to produce a book this year! For Free Publishing Classes, register at their website.

Click for more detail about Dirty Lies and Alibis (Using Lies as Alibis Book 3) by Tiffany Warren Dirty Lies and Alibis (Using Lies as Alibis Book 3)

by Tiffany Warren
Amazon Digital Services (Dec 21, 2014)
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In this thrilling end to the Using Lies and Alibis trilogy, Dionne Knight's world is thrust into turmoil as her husband, Rod's, past deeds come back to haunt their family. Camille handles a divorce, tackles her addiction and meets a new friend. But will she really accept God's plan for her life, or continue to seek her own? Lastly, Sydney plans a wedding amidst the chaos and with the threat of Lucas's supermodel best friend, Quiana as one of the bridesmaids. Is there more to their friendship than meets the eye? These sisters need prayer and their sisterly bond more than ever before, because someone's lies and alibis are about to put them in a situation that only God can fix.

Click for more detail about Brookwater’s Curse Volume Three: Extinction Agenda by Steven Van Patten Brookwater’s Curse Volume Three: Extinction Agenda

by Steven Van Patten
Amazon Digital Services (Oct 05, 2014)
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Armed with a new, prestigious title and his family and friends still at his side, vampire Christian Brookwater has spent the last four years helping to cure the werewolves of their insatiable bloodlust. The only problem is that his funding is coming from vampire taxes. Christian is about to be called on the mat for it and must defend himself on national vampire television. If that isn't enough to contend with, a vengeful goddess with ties to the Original Vampires begins uniting old enemies, encouraging betrayals and murdering friends. Christian's closest allies, Jeremiah The Werewolf King and Caleb the shape-shifting rachasa, must step up and have his back like never before , as The Heroes of Osaka find themselves assailed from all sides. Personal drama also unfolds as Christian and his second in command, Helen, each find themselves embroiled in separate but equally volatile love triangles, one of which will result in a surprising fatality. Secret alliances will be revealed, deals will be brokered, villains will emerge and heroes will rise. Most shocking of all, Christian Brookwater will discover that he is and always has been MORE THAN A VAMPIRE!

Click for more detail about Brookwater’s Curse Volume II by Steven Van Patten Brookwater’s Curse Volume II

by Steven Van Patten
Amazon Digital Services (Oct 03, 2014)
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In the vampire nation, the civil war Christian Brookwater sought to prevent has become a harsh reality. ¿On one side stands the High Counselors.¿ Once considered great and benevolent rulers, their web of deception has unraveled, revealing them to be nothing more than self-serving power mongers.¿ To preserve their reign, the High Counselors have begun a bloody campaign that threatens to wipe out all of the monster races, starting with their own.¿ These Founding Fathers of Vampirism are all gifted with extraordinary powers that surpass anything ever seen in the history of living monsters.¿ There are four of these god-like creatures, but none as destructive and devious as High Counselor Emmanuel, a demon that can destroy another’s life essence with the mere brush of his ominous left hand.¿ All over the world, thousands of vampires stand ready to do Emmanuel’s¿bidding, including a group that has embraced a doctrine that is frighteningly similar to the religious right-wingers found in the human world.Lord Ebichara Tanata leads the opposing army that seeks to overthrow the High Counselors.¿ With Japan’s deadliest samurai vampires willing to march into certain death at his word, Lord Tanata has fortified his numbers by joining forces with the rachasas, a race of shape-shifting cat people who have their own axe to grind with Emmanuel. As Christian helps Lord Tanata take on the High Counselors, he uncovers many horrible secrets. It’s not long before Christian becomes a bigger target than his samurai mentor.¿ What he finally discovers will not only change the course of the war, but will have a startling impact on everyone he cares about, including his unborn child.

Click for more detail about Brookwater’s Curse Volume One by Steven Van Patten Brookwater’s Curse Volume One

by Steven Van Patten
Amazon Digital Services (Oct 01, 2014)
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Christian Brookwater is a former Georgia plantation slave who became a vampire during the 1860s. His long, tumultuous life takes a complicated turn when he is forced to travel to modern-day Senegal to rescue a child from a vengeful werewolf prince. It is here that Christian uncovers a plot that would throw the entire vampire nation into a civil war. To stop this, Christian must betray his best friend and mentor, an influential Italian vampire who nurtured him during his vampiric infancy.

Christian is a member of a nocturnal law enforcement community that safeguards the secrets of the creatures of the night. This involves the killing of werewolves and other deranged monsters; something Christian excels at. But his fraternization with humans and his incessant need to kill racists vexes his superiors, who threaten to execute him if he doesn’t curtail his ‘racial impulses’. Christian also suffers from a rare condition that makes intercourse with human females especially dangerous.

Christian’s other mentor is a four hundred year old vampire samurai lord who teaches him the arts of war and sacrifice, and has a knack for appearing whenever things become desperate.
Of course, the warrior’s code can’t replace the desire for love, as Christian discovers when he becomes enamored with a human female in the 1940s. Despite Christian’s affliction, the two lovers raise a child together and for a while, our vampire gets a taste of true happiness.

Some years later, his family life ends tragically as Christian loses his great love and becomes estranged from his teenaged son. Heartbroken, Christian embarks on a series of illuminating, yet sinful adventures as he migrates to a new home: Harlem, New York.

Click for more detail about The O’Dell File by Victor S. Navasky The O’Dell File

by Victor S. Navasky
Amazon Digital Services (Jul 27, 2014)
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The general public has never heard of Jack O’Dell. But many of those who worked with him in the fifties and sixties consider him the unsung hero of the Black Freedom Movement. Victor Navasky, the longtime editor of The Nation and author of the acclaimed book Kennedy Justice, drawing on secret government files and interviews with O’Dell himself, seeks to correct that historical oversight. O’Dell, at one time a close confidant of Martin Luther King, Jr., was described by J. Edgar Hoover as “the number five Communist in the United States,” cited as a reason for the wiretapping of MLK, and was subsequently forced out of King’s inner circle. In this compassionate and vivid biography, Navasky reveals O’Dell’s unique organizing capacity and brilliant mind, while lamenting what American society, obsessed by the so-called Communist menace, lost by disqualifying him from being an open and visible contributor to the Civil Rights movement.

Click for more detail about Jack Strong: A Story of Life after Life by Walter Mosley Jack Strong: A Story of Life after Life

by Walter Mosley
Amazon Digital Services (Jul 24, 2014)
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Dreaming, Jack hears voices: a frightened child in a hospital, a woman cheating on her husband, a death-row inmate. When he wakes, the voices recede, but they do not vanish. He is in a luxurious hotel room on the Vegas strip, and his body is covered in scars. Jack Strong is a patchwork man, his flesh melded together from dozens of men and women, and his mind is the same way. Countless lifetimes are contained within him: people whose time was cut short, and who see their place in Jack as a chance to make things right.

On behalf of one of them, Jack reignites a feud with corrupt casino bosses. Drawing on the skills of another, he beats the life out of two bodyguards. Jack fights for control as he lurches from impulse to impulse, certain that somewhere within him exists a soul. The answers may lie with whomever is tailing him in a sleek black car—if Jack can somehow confront him.

Click for more detail about Handmade Memories: Poems & Essays, 1997 - 2011 by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez Handmade Memories: Poems & Essays, 1997 - 2011

by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez
Amazon Digital Services (Apr 01, 2011)
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Handmade Memories: Poems & Essays, 1997 - 2011 features selected work by Guy LeCharles Gonzalez, co-author of Burning Down the House Soft Skull, 2000); 1998 National Poetry Slam Champion Nuyorican Poets Café ); and founder of a little bit louder.

  • Handmade Memories
  • Breathless
  • Running Bases
  • Behind the Music
  • Prodigal Son
  • Sunday Mornings in the Kitchen with Gan’ganny
  • Mozer, Bethea and I
  • Bury Me in the Leaning Rest
  • Old New York Love Story
  • Daughter of the Revolution
  • latter-day saints
  • Party Like A Rock Star
  • Crazy White Devil
  • 33-1/3 Revolutions Per Minute
  • I Am - Cryptogram
  • Fulano
  • Burning Down the House: True Story (Essay)
  • Unleashing Stories, Engaging Communities Essay)