Book Cover Image of His Biggest Fan by Martha Kennerson

His Biggest Fan
by Martha Kennerson

Publication Date: Jan 14, 2019
List Price: $0.99
Format: Kindle eBook, 41 pages
Classification: Fiction
Imprint: Amazon Digital Services
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services, Inc.
Parent Company:, Inc.

Kindle eBook Description:

Dr. Tonya Banks spent her life focusing on her career and developing her craft. She followed all the rules, and it served her well. The successful ER physician heads one of the most prestigious hospital emergency rooms in the country. Finding love was never on her list of priorities. Dr. Charles “Chuck” Murphy is a world-renowned neurologist whose surgical talents are by far one of the best in the world. His skills in the operating room catapulted him to a level of success that only one other person always knew he would achieve, his best friend. Tonya and Chuck met in medical school and instantly became friends. They encouraged and supported each other, but their shared attraction remained secret and dormant.

Years later, a medical conference brought the two friends back together where they finally explored an unbridled passion. Their wild and sexy weekend ended, and they went back to their respective lives. What happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas; including surprising and still unreciprocated love. Nearly two years later, consequences of their scandalous weekend threaten the lives they each worked so hard to achieve. Will the good doctors finally put their past to bed and move on to their happily ever after?