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My Time in the Sun
by Naleighna Kai

Publication Date:
List Price: $2.99
Format: Kindle eBook, 147 pages
Classification: Fiction
Imprint: Macro Publishing Group
Publisher: Macro Publishing Group
Parent Company: Macro Publishing Group
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Book Description:

Kari barely survived a horrific experience when she was forced to take drastic measures to protect an innocent child. Years later, she’s put the past behind her, owns a successful business, and is married to a wonderful man who loves her like no other. All the sordid secrets that she’s managed to keep hidden, even from her husband, resurfaces with a vengeance when Terrence Henderson announces to the entire congregation, “The first lady was a prostitute.”

Tony Baltimore’s plans for the saints to “take the church to the streets” is met with staunch opposition by the board, deacons, and members who believe that staying on the “safe side” of Chicago’s police brutality and gang problems suits them just fine. When Terrence uses strong family ties to the church to publicly disgrace Kari, as a sure-fire way to take over, a media firestorm ensues and heated membership split soon follows. Tony makes strategic moves to protect his wife from anyone and everyone coming against her—including members who are so “heavenly” minded that they’re no earthy good. When the smoke clears, no one will ever be the same.

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