Book Review: Sweet Sorrel Stand

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by Yolanda T. Marshall

Publication Date: Jun 13, 2018
List Price: $17.99
Format: Hardcover, 28 pages
Classification: Fiction
Target Age Group: Picture Book
ISBN13: 9780995310377
Imprint: Garnalma Press
Publisher: Garnalma Press
Parent Company: Garnalma Press

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Book Reviewed by Pamela Shivdyal

Teaching kids about money from an early age can help them learn healthy financial habits that will last a lifetime. Yolanda T. Marshall, shares her Caribbean heritage in this fun and educational picture book. Marshall uses her culture to teach valuable lessons to young children. She shows children how they can create their own business, earn extra money, and have some fun while doing it.

The story revolves around two children, Rose and Nicholas, and their love for a sorrel drink, which they turn into a business. The book has a nice flow and can be easily understood by young readers. The author’s use of pictures effectively illustrates the points, and gives children an easy way of relating the story. The author also uses simple vocabulary and short paragraphs that can be easily grasped by the young children and early readers.

The Sweet Sorrel Stand started when Rose and Nicolas became thirsty after playing soccer. Their mother calls them to drink some cold water, but Rose thought of something else that would quench her thirst. She and her brother both love Sorrel drink, and they ask their mother to make it for them. Rose said, “Please, Mommy, I know you usually only make it at Christmas time.” Even though she knows the sorrel drink is for Christmas, she wanted it on a hot day. Then Nicholas said, “And Mom, you said it is rich in vitamin C, and it will keep us healthy!” The children discovered the health benefits of the sorrel drink. Their mother eventually agrees and began making a pot of sorrel drink as the children patiently waited. They knew the plant’s name and learned that the plants originated from Africa. And that the sorrel drink is a traditional Caribbean drink. As they helped their mother, they also learned which ingredients to use for making the sorrel drink.

As the children drank their sorrel drink, Rose said, “Mom, we should make a sorrel stand!” She told her mother they could sell the sorrel drink for one dollar, which would enable them to buy a new soccer ball. Their mother thought it was a great idea. Their father helps setting up the “Sweet Sorrel Stand.” The children were excited “to share their favorite drink with their neighbors.” As the children called out to the neighbors in no time, they gather at the stand to buy the tasty sorrel drink. Their little business was very successful, and their parents were “very proud of ” them. They made enough money to buy their soccer ball, cover their business expense, and put money into their savings.

The lessons in Sweet Sorrel Stand will help children experience a sense of achievement as they see how to earn money in a fun and educational manner. The young entrepreneurs, Rose and Nicholas’, experience will help youngsters become mre aware of how business are operated and start, which will serve them well as they get older.

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