Pamela Shivdyal

Pamela Shivdyal is [2020] an English major at Medgar Evers College. She is a Guyanese national who was born and raised in Guyana. In her family, education was of utmost importance, and her grandfather taught her that education is the key to a better life. In her quest for academic attainment, Pamela considers her grandfather her greatest inspiration.

Pamela loves to read and write from an early age, and she developed a fascination for words. Her family instilled in her that she could be anything she wants to be once she put her mind to it. Pamela had big dreams of being a great woman pilot and a human rights lawyer. Her goal was to complete high school, as she understood that it was the university’s gateway. Pamela was determined to make her family proud and make her academic dreams come true. During her second year in high school, Pamela had to leave due to financial difficulty. She had to give up her dreams and dedicated her life to working, providing, and supporting her family. As life continued to get in the way with obstacles, struggles, and hardships, she had no opportunity to further her education.

In 2010, Pamela migrated to New York City. She decided to get her GED with the hopes of going to college and accomplishing her dreams. Trying to get her GED was challenging, and Pamela had to quit a few times because of her difficulties. Despite the many struggles, extreme stress, and depression, she achieved one of her goals and got her GED in May 2017 through Medgar Evers College of Continuing Education. After many years of struggling, Pamela received her college pass. She was excited but scared of the question in her mind; Can she do this? The thought of failure is frightening, especially as an older student. Pamela remembered her grandfather and her mom’s words; “never say you canrsquot, try.” As she thought long and hard and reflected on everything that prevented her from going to college, she realizes they still exist. Life is not easy, and her life hasn’t been easy. The hardships, difficulties, struggles, and obstacles have been a constant in her life. Pamela has faced and overcame them, and she will continue to do so. College life itself is very challenging, but she felt it was her time. Now Pamela is a 4th-year student at Medgar Evers College, living her dream and trying to accomplish her goal to obtain a college degree.

Pamela’s love for English led her to pursue a Bachelor in English Degree with the hopes of becoming a teacher. She loves children and hopes to be teaching and working with them. Pamela hopes that everyone in the world can have access to free education, starting with kids, for they are tomorrow’s future. She feels that she can contribute to working and helping all children, especially underprivileged children, get their education. Pamela plans to teach children the value and importance of education and empower them to achieve their academic goals and dreams.

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