Book Review: Adventures of the Rich and Famous

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by Tae Edmonds

    Publication Date: Nov 10, 2018
    List Price: $20.00
    Format: Hardcover, 60 pages
    Classification: Fiction
    Target Age Group: Middle Grade
    ISBN13: 9781732000858
    Imprint: Suits for Seniors
    Publisher: Suits for Seniors
    Parent Company: Suits for Seniors

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    Book Reviewed by Vanessa Vanzie

    𝒯he right friends can motivate you best when it matters the most, just like the young trio in Tae Edmonds’ book, Adventures of the Rich and Famous. A buried treasure that holds special powers allows the pals to take a vivid glimpse into the future. The endless possibilities are narrowed down into a futuristic preview, of sorts, that exposes the true calling of the youngsters who are budding with potential. With a firm grasp on an extraordinary timepiece and wishful thinking, the ardent threesome is propelled into an alternate world of positive life choices that result in ideal career paths. Though each calling differs, the pathways are paved with opportunities for the minors to gladly fulfill their civic duties. Edmonds masterfully demonstrates, to young readers, how easy it is to fuse innate leadership qualities with an earnest desire to serve the surrounding community. He guides young readers to the realization that hopes produce dreams which, in turn, foster communal goals. He shows that empowered youth can have such a positive impact on society that the results will generate exponential benefits for everyone on the planet.

    Parents will appreciate the emphasis that Edmonds places on the importance of collective visions and aspirations among like-minded peers. The bold illustrations create a visual balance which permeates every page to perfectly compliment the text. Teachers will absolutely love how inspired young readers will become from the positive self-talk and affirmations of greatness that radiate from the characters throughout the story.

    The companions are not afraid to dream big and visualize themselves as change agents in the world. Impressionable minds, especially underrepresented minorities, will become emboldened by the proactive attitudes of the young characters in this book. Youth will want to be just like the characters; they will seek to encourage and motivate others to actions that are fueled by self-determination, leadership and global awareness. Tae Edmonds has created story will make a wonderful addition to every child’s personal library.

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