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by J.M. Benjamin
A New Quality Publishing (Nov 26, 2011)
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Imagine being the product of one of the most notorious Bonnie & Clyde couples to ever terrorize the state of Virginia. Imagine your father choosing death over life in prison because he thought he had no reason to live. Imagine your mother trying to kill the both of you to protect you from the world. Then imagine growing up parentless in a society you seem to not fit in…Until you meet someone who feels the same way you do. If you can imagine all of this then you will be intrigued by the story of young Treacherous Freeman & Baby Love… Nearly two years after the death of his mother, young Treacherous is faced with a situation that causes him to unleash all that has been bottled up inside him. His actions ultimately land him in a place that even surprises him. Despite growing up with both parents with strong family values, Baby Love s life is not too far from being a living hell. Deceit, betrayal and deception are the contributors to Baby s sudden change. They are the very same things that land her in a predicament that has her craving for vengeance. As fate would have it, Treacherous finds himself drawn to the girl that reminds him so much of his mother. The chemistry between he and Baby is undeniable and a twisted love connection is born. Fueled by pain, together, they form a bond Treacherous always dreamed of and one Baby never thought existed. Now riding for the same cause, Treacherous and Baby will stop at nothing to survive and settle the scores with those who have been haunting them since they were kids…

Click for more detail about Memoirs Of An Accidental Hustler by J.M. Benjamin Memoirs Of An Accidental Hustler

by J.M. Benjamin
A New Quality Publishing (Jan 28, 2011)
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A Brownstone in the Bed-Sty area of Brooklyn New York, traded in for a housing projects in a small town where his grandmother resided in Plainfield New Jersey, Kamil takes you on a journey of how he was exposed to another world and a different breed of people than he was used to in the city that became his home. Bonded by the absences of their fathers, he and his brother befriend a group of boys from the neighborhood and form an un-breakable bond, vowing not to travel down the same road as their dads, making a pact to stay in school and out of the streets. Kamil also takes you through his personal experience with the opposite sex, as a childhood crush develops into something much more. As this story un-folds, walk with Kamil as he transitions from childhood to teen into young adulthood and struggles with the very things his mother walked away from and tried so hard to prevent he and his brother from embracing. What starts out as a game and a means of survival, ultimately ends up serious and addictive. This is the Memoirs Of An Accidental Hustler. What did you want to be when you grow up?

Click for more detail about The Massacre by K’wan, J.M. Benjamin, Terry L. Wroten, Randy Thompson, and J-Rod Nider The Massacre

by K’wan, J.M. Benjamin, Terry L. Wroten, Randy Thompson, and J-Rod Nider
A New Quality Publishing (May 07, 2010)
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Gang Related by Terry L. Wroten Vice Versa by J-Rod Nider Checkmate by J.M. Benjamin That Brooklyn Bull S**t by Randy Thompson From Harlem With Love by K’wan

Click for more detail about Have You Ever...? by Fifi Cureton Have You Ever...?

by Fifi Cureton
A New Quality Publishing (Feb 25, 2010)
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Have you ever met a man you thought had so much potential you stuck by him, hoping he would be the one? Have you ever tried to walk away once the reality set in, only to be seduced, finding yourself back in his arms and bed again? Have you ever searched for something outside of what you were used to, and once you found it… You became afraid? Have you ever had the perfect soul-mate in your life, but the only flaw was, you were lonely? What depths has loneliness ever taken you? Have you ever risked it all for a few moments of pleasure? Have You Ever? Because I Have.

Click for more detail about Heaven & Earth by J.M. Benjamin Heaven & Earth

by J.M. Benjamin
A New Quality Publishing (Feb 05, 2010)
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The Columbians had Pablo Escobar… The Cubans had Scarface…The Italians had John Gotti…And the Brothers had Bumpy Johnson…But what about the Sisters? Meet the female Nino Brown and Gee Money, only these two really are their sisters keeper. New Brunswick New Jersey native Heavenly Jacobs inherited her beauty and street smarts honestly from her parents gene pool. After an uneventful tragedy strikes her home her only means of survival is to rely on them both. Her choice to ride for the wrong man ultimately lands her in prison where she decides to re-strategize her game plan for when she’s released. Eartha Davis is not your average female. Her eyes as well as her body were exposed to more then they were ready for at a young age. Between her mother, a bonafide gangster who sexual preference was women, and the streets of Plainfield New Jersey, it was hard for her not to fall victim to and embrace all that was going on around her. Her new found love for the streets, violence and females all contributed to her imprisonment in Edna Mahan Correctional Facility in Clinton New Jersey. As fate would have it, these two females are thrown together and form an unbreakable bond which spills over into the streets. Seeing how everyone got fat while they were behind the prison wall starving, they put together a team of female hustlers that got men in the game on edge. Jealousy, envy, ego’s and pride all come into play unraveling a beef between the opposite sex for Supremacy. Will the brothers sustain? Or will they succumb to the wrath of Heaven & Earth?

Click for more detail about From Incarceration 2 Incorporation by J.M. Benjamin and Randy Kearse From Incarceration 2 Incorporation

by J.M. Benjamin and Randy Kearse
A New Quality Publishing (Jan 27, 2009)
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From Incarceration 2 Incorporation is about the powerful journeys of two men who once lived lifestyles which send too many young men and women to prison or the graveyard. It is a heart-felt story about how two individuals refused to let society dictate their future in spite of their past. J.M. Benjamin, once considered a threat to his community served over 12 years total in state and federal prison. Randy Kearse, called a menace to society by the judge who gave him 15 years in federal prison served 13 years, 6 months, and 2 days. Combined they have given the system nearly 30 years of their lives. Meeting months prior to their release from confinement, they both possessed a strong determination, passion, and drive to succeed. With statistics showing that 1 in 3 ex-offenders will return to prison within three years after being released, Mr. Benjamin and Mr. Kearse vowed not to become a part of that statistic. Now, merely three years out of prison themselves, these men have proven that SUCCESS is attainable after incarceration.

Click for more detail about Back Stabbers by Nyema Taylor Back Stabbers

by Nyema Taylor
A New Quality Publishing (Dec 18, 2008)
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Azia Elliston isn t your typical money hungry chick. Hailing from the streets of Philadelphia PA, the city of brotherly love, with no assistance from her parents or the system to help further her education, she decides to see just how much love she can get from brothers, financially that is. Using her god-given assets- beauty, brains, and booty, to her advantage, how could she go wrong she thought. She believed her side hustle to pay her way through college was harmless… Until she meets Rashaud Carter, the streets most deadliest hustler. Allowing greed to overpower her common sense, she soon gets caught up in a situation only few live long enough to talk about. Because of envy, Azia finds herself involved in a treacherous game. Everywhere she turns there is one back stabber after the other, trying to claw their way to the top. Old beefs become new ones, and friends become foes, as tension pollutes the air. Choices are made. Love or Loyalty- Death or Dishonor. The heat is on as sex, lies, murder, and betrayal, form a back stabbing circle leaving one ultimatum at hand… Kill or be killed!

Click for more detail about On The Run With Love by J.M. Benjamin On The Run With Love

by J.M. Benjamin
A New Quality Publishing (Jul 04, 2008)
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Freddie Holmes could’ve wrote the book on How to Be A Player. With his good looks, gift of gab, his Jersey swag, and ability to put it down in the bedroom, his only source of income is the women he manipulates. But after meeting Simone, his new fiance, he decides to hang up his womanizing gloves, so he says, but not before his past catches up to him. Slug is a stick up kid/ hustler from the dirty south. After losing his drug connect, he uses his trip to New Jersey for a funeral as an opportunity to link up with his cousin Freddie in hopes of finding a new supplier. Freddie wants to show his cousin a good time, Jersey style, while he’s visiting, only he chooses the wrong place-wrong time to do so. At the end of the night, two people are left in their on blood, one, the younger brother of a known drug dealer, the other, a cop. Freddie is forced to make some quick decisions. To evade his situation he takes his cousin up on his offer, relocates to North Carolina, and changes his profession, but not without his soon to be wife Simone. Simone gives up everything to go on the run with her man, all in the name of love, and gets a dose of reality. She had no idea what she had signed up for as she takes a good look at her life with Freddie. See how Freddie Holmes learns the hard way that you can run but you can’t hide forever…