List of Independent Websites Dedicated to Authors of African Descent

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Our database contains information on independent booksellers whose focus is on books written by people of African descent. Websites with an Alexa rank are linked to a page containing detailed information about the site. The sites below are sorted alphabetically. Please submit additional websites for consideration for inclusion on this list in the comments section below. Read why these sites matter.

Our mission is to help promote and uplift independent websites created by, and for, people of African descent., also researches and reports on, the Top Black Owned Websites, Black Owned Bookstores, Black Owned Magazines, Black Owned Newspapers in the United States.

A Total of 55 Book Websites Were Found

  1. A Cultural Exchange
  3. AAMBC
  4. Afri-Ware
  5. Africa Access
  6. Africa Book Club
  7. African Books Collective
  8. African Bookstore
  9. All African Books
  10. Ashay by the Bay
  11. Becoming Gods Answer Bookstore
  12. Black Book News
  13. Black Books and Reviews
  14. Black Rose Books
  15. Black World Books
  16. Brown Sugar & Spice Books
  17. C&B Books Distribution
  18. Color Book Gallery
  19. Cush City
  20. Dare Books
  21. Eso Won Bookstore
  22. EyeSeeMe
  23. Frugal Bookstore
  24. Go On Girl!
  25. Harambee Books and Artworks
  26. Hip Hop Book Club
  27. Hue-Man Books
  28. Kizzy’s Books & More
  29. Knowledge Bookstore
  30. Kweli Club
  31. Loving Me Books LLC
  32. Loyalty Books
  33. Lushena Books
  34. MahoganyBooks
  35. Marcus Books
  36. Medu Bookstore, Greenbriar Mall
  37. Mocha Books
  38. Mosaic Magazine
  39. Neworld Review
  40. Nubian Knowledge
  41. Pyramid Books
  42. QBR The Black Book Review
  43. Riches In Reading
  44. Sankofa Video Books & Cafe
  45. The Brain Lair
  46. The Brown Bookshelf
  47. The National Black Book Festival
  48. The Page-Turner Network
  49. The Truth Bookstore
  50. Thumpers Corner
  51. Tutu's Storybooks
  52. Umoja Books and Products
  53. Underground Books
  54. Urban Reviews
  55. Written Magazine

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