The BEA Story 2006: Behind the Scenes at the African American Pavilion

The BEA Story 2006: Behind the Scenes at the African American Pavilion

African American Pavilion Producers Yvonne Rose and Tony Rose

The 2006 African American Pavilion at BookExpo America Welcoming Reception and African American Pavilion Reception & Awards Program made monumental history during the week of May19th-May 21st.


By Heather "The Literary Heat" Covington

Simba Sana & Brother Yao of Karibu Books along with co-sponsors Kensington Press and Sunny Sana, Buyer of Karibu Books hosted the African American Pavilion Welcoming Reception and Amber Communications Group, Inc. hosted the African American Pavilion Reception & Awards Program. Both events were produced by Tony Rose, Publisher/ CEO of Amber Communications Group, Inc. and the Co-Founder of the African American Pavilion at Book Expo America. The African American Pavilion was sponsored by BookExpo America; Amber Communications Group, Inc. and Black Issues Book Review and founded in 2004 by Tony Rose, Publisher/CEO ACGI; Adrienne Ingrum, Former Associate Publisher, Black Issues Book Review; Niani Colom, Associate Publisher Genesis Press.

Haki Madhubuti; founder of Third World Press, Carol Mackey; Editor-in-chief of Black Expressions Book Club, Terrie Williams; CEO/Founder of The Terrie Williams Agency, Adrienne Ingram; Former BIBR: Black Issues Book Review editor, George C. Fraser; CEO of the Fraser Network, Marcella Smith; Barnes & Noble Executive Buyer, Troy Johnson; Founder of the, Wade and Cheryl Hudson; Founders of Just Us Books, Relentless Aaron; Relentless Content, Inc., Earl Cox; CEO of BooksthatClick, Wendy Williams; "Queen of All Media", Barbara Lowenstein, Madeline Morel, Sha Shana Critchton, Malaika Adero; top editor in the country and Senior Editor of Atria Books, Paul Coates; Black Classic Press, and Zane; Bestselling Essence Author and Publisher of Strebor Books, Int. were just some of the heavily anticipated visitors of the African Pavilion events at BookExpo America among many others.

Haki Madhubuti Addresses Pavilion Attendees

The series of events alongside the AA Pavilion turned out many renowned guests from around the country who upon arrival to the Washington D. C. Convention Center were well informed of the day's festivities and thanks to thousands of AA Pavilion Exhibitor's journals issued at the event, published by Yvonne & Tony Rose of Amber Communications Group, Inc., well prepared planning and plenty of online networking which thoroughly showed evidence of unity among the African American Literary Community. Powereconomics Radio Network in association with the famous 'Tom Pope Show' interviewed authors all day long via live remote from the press room.

Book Store Veteran
Clara Villarosa

Other events aligned with the African Pavilion festivities like the African American Bookselling Professionals at BookExpo event held on Thursday, May 18th with welcoming guest speakers Clara Villarosa, Hue-Man Resources, N.Y., and featuring keynote speaker Queen Latifah, author of 'Queen of the Scene,' and Laura Geringer; Harper Collins Books For Children which was proceeded by a panel on 'Conversations with Successful Booksellers' like Clara Villarosa , Simba Sana, CEO of Karibu Books and James Fugate; Esowan Books. A fun panel on 'Too Hood or all Good: The Impact of Urban Fiction on African American Literature' featured guest moderator Nick Chiles, journalist and commentator, Nikki Turner, author of 'Project Chick' and many other books, Malaika Adero, Senior Editor of Atria Books and Benilde Little, author of 'Who Does She Think She Is?'

Other fun-filled events included the African American Cavalcade hosted by Macro Publishing which is on tour nationwide, a Zane and Faye Child's BlackBoard dinner at the H20 restaurant which had to be postponed, but still had guests lined up at the restaurant in denial that the event was canceled. This is okay, folks will see the BlackBoard WordStar Awards on TV November 2nd in Hollywood.

Author, Relentless Aaron with the "Queen of All Media", Wendy Williams

Well-noted celebrities like Zane, George C. Fraser, Malaika Adero, Haki Madhubuti, Terrie Williams, Keith Lee Johnson, Omar Tyree, Wendy Williams, Hill Harper and Star Jones made the event a notch above an A+ rating, very enjoyable and personable. Everyone asked for Max Rodriguez, who is expecting a child soon, and is the Founder of Harlem Book Fair and CEO of QBR: Black Book Review as featured at

The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America was founded by the most sought and renown figures who helped make the event possible - Co-Founders Tony Rose; CEO of Amber Communications Group, Inc. (ACGI), noted as the 'Nation's Largest African American Publishing Company of Self-Help Books, Career Guides and Celebrity Bios' ( Adrienne Ingrum; Former Associate Publisher for Black Issues Book Review and Niani Colom; Director, Soul Fleur PR & Associate Publisher of Genesis Press were recently noted as 'The Powers Behind Black Books' in the 7th Anniversary Issue of Black Issues Book Review.

The publication is now published by Ken Smikle, owner of Target Market News who recently announced not only the merger of the Target News with BIBR: Black Issues Book Review at the BEA, but the launch of a new publication entitled Blacks&Books,' the first monthly book review supplement to be nationally distributed through black newspapers and editorially focused on books for African-American readers.' There was much excitement in the air over this news and the African American Pavilion at BookExpo served as a perfect launch pad for announcements of all news and happenings in the literary community at large.

The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America directly proceeds the aftermath of the Katrina Hurricane where many of the same African American publishers present joined forces with Tony Rose, CEO/Publisher of Amber Communications Group, Inc. and coordinator / producer of the African American Pavilion at BookExpo and the co- founder of the Katrina Literary Collective named by Yvonne Rose, associate publisher of Amber Communications Group, Inc.

Tony Rose, a giving individual who sold his successful record label, Solid Platinum Records & Productions, decided to enter the publishing arena after finding success self-publishing and selling over 80,000 copies of of a book he co-wrote with Yvonne Rose entitled, 'Is Modeling For You: The Handbook & Guide for the Young Aspiring Black Model.' From there, he vowed to bring readers quality books and has excelled as a leader in the publishing business and unifying source of inspiration for the African American literary community at large. He is well admired, respected and is world renown with his titles having received international rights. His quest among AA publishers and authors excels beyond selling books.

According to AA publishers, the BookExpo America is where powerful connections and deals are made. This is where exposure, alliances and cross-promotion is self-fueled with magnanimous support within the African-American community at large and visiting supporters. This is where 'Literature is declared as the New Entertainment.' This is also, the place where literary dreams come true, and all wishes for quality exposure are granted.

The events of the AA Pavilion received rave reviews and admiration from a diversified to mainstream audience of visitors who witnessed 'The African-American Book Industry Event of the Year,' declared by Disilgold Soul Literary Review; a trade literary & media awards publication of the YOUnity Reviewers Guild of America.

Over 2000 photos have captured literary history in motion to be featured on the, and photo gallery as well as a few making their way into Tony Rose's Amber Communication's on the Move Annual Newsletter. If you were there you also became a part of BEA history! If not, enjoy all captured and documented moments in time. Welcome to the BEA Story 2006: Behind the Scenes at the African American Pavilion.

The African American Pavilion Reception & Awards Program celebrated on May 20th which paid homage to this year's BEA Award recipients making for an educational experience itself as renowned literary giants rose to accept their honors one-by-one such as Haki Madhubuti, Chairman and Publisher of Third World Press, who was honored with The Glenn Thompson 'Lifetime Achievement Award.' The keynote speaker for the awards program was none other than the legendary George C. Fraser, founder and executive producer of an annual PowerNetworking Conference, one of Black America's largest gathering (17,000) of professionals, business owners and community leaders.

Award Recipient
Haki Madhubuti

Haki Madhubuti is owner of Third World Press, best-selling author of various titled poetry books and with over 3 million books in print. Madhubuti's award was honored on behalf of the late Glenn Thompson who was a Harlem born Black publisher and well noted in the African-American community for his activism and influence on the Black book publishing movement. He also was honored with the 'African American Pavilion at BEA 'Book of the Year of Award for The Covenant and Yellow Black: The First Twenty-One Years of a Poet's Life, A Memoir.

W. Paul Coates, Founder and Director of Black Classic Press, was the second recipient honored with The Glenn Thompson 'Lifetime Achievement Award.' A leader in the field of small press publishers, Coates founded BCP Digital Printing in 1995 to produce books and documents utilizing digital print technology. He formerly served as an African American studies reference and acquisition librarian at Howard University's Moorland-Springarn Research Center and is the co-editor of Black Bibliophiles and Collectors: Preservers of Black History (Howard University Press, 1990). He currently serves as a chairperson for

Kassahun Checole, President and Publisher of Africa World Press/ Red Sea Press, was the third recipient of The Glenn Thompson 'Lifetime Achievement Award.' His quest to disseminate current and historical information about Africa led him to develop two publishing and distribution houses focusing on African American issues. As a result, Africa World Press, Inc. was launched in 1983 with the publication of Barrel of a Pen: Resistance to Repression in Neo-Colonial Kenya by the renowned Kenyan writer, Ngugi wa Thiong'o. To date, AWP has published over 400 titles. In 1985, The Red Sea Press, Inc. was founded and served as the premier distribution network for over 250 publishing companies with special focus on books about people of African descent and the diaspora. In 1987, a title called Funu: The Unfinished Saga of East Timor by Nobel Peace Prize co-winner Jose Ramos-Horta was published by RSP.

Faye Childs, CEO of BlackBoard Multi Media Entertainment; (Winner of The African American Pavilion at BookExpo Lifetime Achievement Award). Faye Childs created a list of top best selling books by African American authors based on Black bookstores' sales figures and founded Blackboard Bestsellers in 1991. She is the publisher of the BlackBoard National Provider (The BNP), noted as the first African American Globally Distributed Daily Newspaper as amicably stated by Faye Childs. As stated, she will be airing the 1st BlackBoard WordStar Awards on television November 2nd at the Kodak Theater in Los Angeles, California.

Wade Hudson, President and Cheryl Hudson, Publisher of Just Us Books, Inc. received The Haki Madhubuti 'Publisher of the Year' Award. Just Us Books is noted as one of the leading publishers of Black interest titles for young people as featured at The popular and recent title, 'I Told You I Can Play' by author Brian Jordan was received by overwhelming fan fare by visitors of the BEA.

Kevin Wayne Johnson, Publisher of Writing For The Lord Publishing was the winner of the Haki Madhubuti 'Gospel Publisher of the Year' Award. He has published 5 of his 9 books from his 'Give God the Glory' Book Series and is the host of the 'Give God the Glory' held weekly on

Dr. Ida Greene, President of People Skills International, received the Haki Madhubuti 'Self-Publisher of the Year' Award. A personal development coach, ordained minister, motivational speaker and educator, she has authored over 13 books focused on personal empowerment, self esteem and even anger management skills. She began a popular phone and weekly tele-class on 'How to Connect with Your Angels' and her presence at the BEA.

Brother Nati Kamau-Nataki & Tabia Kamau-Nataki, co-owners of Afrikan World Distributors, received The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America 'Book Distributor of the Year' Award. In 1988, Kamau-Nataki opened Afrikan World Books in Baltimore, Maryland. Since then, the company has been a leader in distributing wholesale books in their commitment to the spiritual, political and economic liberation of people worldwide.

Dr. Raye G. Richardson; Owner, Blanche Richardson; Manager, Tamiko Johnson; Buyer and Cherysse Calhoun; Assistant Manager of Marcus Bookstore, Curtis Rivers, CEO and Marie Rivers, President of Moodmakers Books, Jawanza Kunjufu, President of the African American Images Bookstore, Simba Sana; CEO and Brother Yao, COO of Karibu Books and Ezel Mc Donald, owner of the Heritage Bookstore, all received the Clara Villarosa/Emma Rodgers 'Bookstore Award' which was presented by the beautiful and well admired Clara Villorosa herself.

Adrienne Ingrum (Former Associate Publisher, BIBR) and Terrie Williams

Terrie Williams  - One of the most heart warming moments was when Terrie Williams received 'The Toni Trent Parker 'Author' Award for her Bestselling titles such as The Personal Touch: What You Really Need to Succeed in Today's Fast-paced Business World, (1994, Warner Books), Stay Strong: Simple Life Lessons for Teens (Schoolastic, Inc. 2001), and A Plentiful Harvest: Creating Balance and Harmony Through The Seven Living Virtues (Warner Books, 2002).

Williams revealed the full title of her upcoming book due 2007 from Scribner; Black Pain: It Just Looks Like I'm Not Hurting: Depression, Hope, and Healing in Black American Life. Terrie William's own article published in Essence Magazine reached over 5 million readers who look up to Terrie as a source for inspiration and guidance. Williams is one of the most sought speakers in the country and has worked with many celebrities as the founder of the Terrie Williams Agency, one of the country's most successful public relations and communications firms. She only had a few hours to board a flight for another speaking engagement, but managed to accept her award in person to the delight of author fans as well. Her upcoming book is quite possibly one of the most highly anticipated books of 2007.

It was an exciting moment to witness so many talented authors at the AA Pavilion Welcoming Procession. The message of unity among the African American Literary community which includes all Black writers around the world here in America, carried over with great resolve as the faces of some of the most talented writers and dedicated people of the literary world and of all time were esoterically spotlighted up-one-by-one. Each moment was austerely caught on camera under the ethereal light that had shone through the majestic windows of the Washington D.C. Convention Center while cascading onto great people's faces as if their calling to join forces and improve this world through their future stories and actions through this day onward had arrived.

No one person's journey has been easy. Everyone has worked many long hours to be at the BEA's African American Pavilion and may have even endured many disappointments, struggles and shed enough tears to fill a vacant ocean. However, today... authors would celebrate and rejoice, but not without being mindful and thankful to one another for being role models and paving the way:

The role models hearts could be heard unanimously beating as ONE like, Adrienne Ingrum, Clara Villorosa, Brother Nati-Kamau-Nataki, Tabi Kamai-Nataki, George C. Fraser, Terrie Williams, Tony Rose, Jason Krulewitz (Reed), Marcella Smith (Barnes & Noble), Yvonne Rose, Irene Smalls, Dr. Barbara A. Reynolds,Troy Johnson, Wendy Williams, Faye Childs, Pat Schroeder, Reverend Dennis Dillon, Mertine Moore, Wade Hudson, Cheryl Hudson, William Cox, Malaika Adero, Yvette Hayward, Anita Pearson, Janet Fullerton, Zane, Ron Kavanaugh, Ken Smikle, Earl Cox, Tonya Evans-Walls, Esq., Kassahun Checole, Dr. Jamie Walker, Abaynesh Asrat, Monique Bruner, J. Grant Allwood, Talaya Grimes, Johm Cothran, Sha-Shana Crichton, Barbara Lowenstein, Lynnette Velasco **, John V. Elmore, Simba Sana, Brother Yao, Dante Lee, Leroy Baylor, Ezel and Albert McDonald, Patricia Ware, Lewis Banks, Da'shen, Kw'an, Karen E. Quinones Miller, Caterri Leaks, Jessica Tilles, Julie Solard Kantor, J. Patrick Lewis, Professor Griff, John David, Barbara Hart, Carol Hoenig, Tim Brown, Jannie Cooke Newman, William Holmes Jr., Eric L. Farrell, Wendy Coakley-Thompson, Katherine Kenah, Emma S. Etuk, Phd., Roland Barksdale, J. L. Woodson, Tammy Landon, Corlis Martin, Carl S. McNair, Justin Collins, Clarence V. Reynolds, Kelvin P. Oden, Linda Watkins, Dave Schallenberger, Yvette F. Davis, Susan Lemme, Marc Anthony, Carl Weber, Jonathan Luckett, Omar Tyree, Shawna A. Grundy, Carol Rogers, Brenda Piper, Sheronda Gipson, Tiffany Dow, Price Van Ray, Fred Cleveland, Reshonda Tate Billingsley, Shunda Leigh, Miasha Coleman, Paul Coates, Tee C. Royal, Kevin L. Reed, Arlene Dyer, Stephanie Denise Queen, Victoria Christopher Murphy, Renee Flagler, Hill Harper, Rique Johnson, Marc lacy, Candice Dow, Marc Medley, Haki Madhubuti, Keith Lee Johnson, Assuanta Collins, Earl Sewell, Harold Turley, Christine Young Robinson, Sabrina Onoride, Dr. Raye G. Richardson **, Jawanza Kunjufu***, Curtis Rivers***,Ida B. Greene, Relentless Aaron, Michelle Gipson, Eleanor Herman, Gwynne Forster, Donna Hill, Nancey Flowers, Keith Johnson, Baba Evans Moore, Bob Romanow, Lawrence Jordan, Terrie Schlichenmeyer, Cate Cummings, Hazel J. Walker, Patsy Lynch, Paula Baratta, James Richardson, C. Sunny Martin, and more.

Some of the well noted authors were seen of and around the African American Pavilion, and including Author Signing Area which was held on the upper level with the AA Pavilion instead of downstairs and drew more of a variety of guests to the already heavily populated area at peak times.

Celebrity authors like New York's very own, Wendy Williams, who is the nation's no.1 radio host on 107.5 WBLS fm heard around the country and also, a reigning best selling author of now 3 books to her record with the current title, 'Drama is Her Middle Name,' gravitated huge fanfare from the AA community at large as she signed excerpted copies as well as Hill Harper, actor and star of CSI New York and bestselling author of 'Hill Harper's Letters to a Young Brother: MANifest Your Destiny (Gotham Books) who has been featured on the cover of magazines like AMAG Online. Star Jones appeared briefly to sign copies of her latest book, Shine.

The very popular Zane drew tons of visitors from literary peers, bookclubs, media and more celebrities. She not only owns the Endeavors Bookstore, but her book, Addicted as well as many other titles from her Strebor Publishing company will be adapted for the movie screen along with Suzanne De Passe.

2006 African American Pavilion Speakers included an impressive line-up of BEA speakers, and undoubtedly some of the greatest people of this era representing unique marketing domains such as: Reverend Dennis Dillon; author of Affirm Your Purpose, who has been twice named among New York's top twenty-five preachers by the Daily News and New York Newsday. In 2006, New York Daily News named Dennis Dillon among the nation's 25 most influential Black leaders in religion, politics and civil rights combined. As an urban strategist, community developer, compelling teacher and preacher of the gospel, his book is expected to be one of the leading motivational books on the market. He also provided the Benediction for the program on behalf of the Brooklyn Christian Center.

Pat Schroeder is the President/CEO of the Association of American Publishers (AAP), the national trade organization of the U.S. book publishing industry, a post she assumed on June 1, 1997. A former Congresswoman, Mrs. Schroeder is the author of two books: Champion of the Great American Family (Random House, 1989) and 24 Years of House Work.. And the Place is Still a Mess (Andrews McNeel, 1988). She is in the National Women's Hall of Fame and the Colorado Hall of Fame.

Terrie Williams is a best-selling author. In 2001 Terrie launched the Stay Strong Foundation to offer educational and leadership workshops, internships, and mentoring opportunities for youth. In 1988 she founded The Terrie Williams Agency, one of the country's most successful public relations and communications firms, which handled the biggest entertainment, sports, business, and politics, from Miles Davis and Johnnie L. Cochran to Essence Communications Partners, HBO and Time Warner.

George Fraser with William E. Cox (r)

George Fraser is the author of two books, including the critically acclaimed bestseller, Success Runs In Our Race; The Complete Guide to Effective Networking in the African American Community. He is also the creator and publisher of the award winning SuccessGuide Worldwide: The Networking Guide to Black Resources. A 14th edition (250,000 copies) was published in June 2006. His second book Race For Success; The Ten Best Business Opportunities for Blacks In America was published by the William Morrow Company, and selected as one of the 10 best business books of the year by the Booklist.

William E. Cox is the president and co-founder of Cox, Matthews & Associated, Inc. (CMA), which includes the well-respected Black Issues in Higher Education, the award-winning, national magazine that has been serving higher education and the public since 1984. Dr. Cox was responsible for the creation of Black issues Book Review (BIBR), launched January 1999 as the nation's only publication addressing books for, by and about African Americans. BIBR was recognized by the prestigious Library Journal as one of the 'ten best new magazines of the year.' In March 2006, BIBR was acquired by Target Market News, Inc. a Chicago-based news and research company that specializes in tracking African-American marketing and media. Ken Smikle, president of the firm, became the magazine's publisher.

Troy Johnson (Founder,, Ken Smikle (Publisher, BIBR), William E. Cox (Founder and Publisher Emeritus, BIBR), Angela P. Dodson (Executive Editor, BIBR), Tony Rose (CEO, Amber Books), Wade Hudson (President Just Us Books), Clarence V. Reynolds (Managing Editor, BIBR)

Troy Johnson is the founder of, LLC, the African American Literature Bookclub. Started in 1997, is one of the premiere web sites devoted to promoting African American authors and their work.'s rich content includes profiles and interviews of hundreds of authors and poets, book and film reviews, descriptions of 1000's of books, video and audio content, popular discussion boards and much more.

Dante Lee is the CEO and president of Diversity City Media, a very successful multi-cultural marketing and public relations firm based in Columbus, Ohio. With annual billings of about $500,000-and clients like Verizon, McDonald's, Nascar, BET, and Heineken- he has proven that a small person can change the world. Dante is also the author of How to Think Big...When You're Small, released September 2005.

Dr. Jamie Walker is president and CEO of J.D. Publishing Group. An accomplished writer, Jamie has been featured in numerous national publications including Quarterly Black Book Review and Black Issue Book Review. She is currently editing a critical anthology on poet Sonia Sanchez, entitled Sonia on My Mind: A collection of Scholarly Essays and Literary Criticisms.

Relentless Aaron is the self-proclaimed author of 30 books and 10 published works and founder of Relentless, LLC which has been able to carve its own niche in publishing. His upcoming projects include a multi- book deal with St. Martin's Press, and book-movie contract. His titles include Push, The Last Kingpin and more top selling titles.

Irene Smalls is the award winning author and story teller who has written over 10 children's books and produced 3 story telling CD's chronicling African American Life and history. Her newest title, My Pop Pop and Me (Little Brown) is all the rave!

John V. Elmore, Esq. is a partner in the law firm of Harter, Secrest, and Emery. He is also the national best seller of Fighting for Your Life: The African American Criminal Justice Survival Guide.

Additional major highlights of the BookExpo also included The Amber Communications Group, Inc. New Title Display at Combined Book Exhibit Area showcasing thousands of titles met with fanfare from avid readers. The Autographing Area was everything a debut author could dream of with ample standing room for fans to await signed copies of their favorite authors and even literary comradery. A green room provided a cold bottle of water and refreshments for signing authors. The patrons were all so courteous and professional. The security was gracious and very polite.

New books that were issued to media unknowingly with courteous greetings from the authors who were well spoken and very professional were titles like the Ground in the Word: A Guide to Mastering Standardized Test Vocabulary and Biblical Comprehension by Eugene Williams Sr. and Jr., a beautiful series of books we scouted and found over at the Truthful Words publishing company booth by Sabrina Adams Onoriode, and were not amazed to find out that the publisher had written inspiring poems dedicated and accepted by Dr. Maya Angelou, Sonia Sanchez and many renown poets with gracious replies from these literary legends.

Other autographed copies of books collected were Renee Flagler's book entitled MisGuided, Dorothy Goines latest, A Woman Scorn'd, 'I Told You I Can Play,' a children's book by Brian Jordan and published by More must read books included 'In the Spirit of Ronald McNair Astronaut: An American Hero' by Carl S. Mc Nair, brother of Space Challenger victim who died in the spacecraft's explosion over 20 years ago, and newcomer, Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook's latest, 'Live Like You're Blessed,' which received a review from former president Bill Clinton himself.

The African American Pavilion at BookExpo America overall, provided an educational and celebration-filled gala recognizing and honoring the who's who in the book industry at large from publishers, best selling authors, librarians, bookstore owners, distributors, book buyers, literary agents and booksellers to book clubs, media icons, publicists, literary businesses, small press publishers, event planners, acquisition editors and self-published authors. The BEA's African American Pavilion area is the quintessential must attend event for serious authors and will continue to grow.

According to statistics, Washington, D.C. is noted as one of the cities with the highest gross income per family as well as New York, where the BookExpo America will be held in 2007 according to resources. Over 2000 exhibitors display books annually among over 500 signing authors who bring if not, the entire book publishing industry and some 20,000 to 40,000 visitors minimum annually. Next year's AA Pavilion will be even bigger and better says resources and many people will be able to come along and witness history in the making as true living legends of the African American literary community show the true meaning of unity.

We bid farewell until next year's Opening Procession & Awards Ceremony celebrating some of the most prominent literary figures from retailers, distributors, publishers, self-publishers and book clubs to bookstore owners, literary agents, media, publicists, librarians, self-publishers and literary professionals given the opportunity to promote their work to book buyers and booksellers from across the globe. Look out for a new television show as announced by Tony Rose (ACGI) and dedicated to celebrating the literary community and produced by Rosette M. Union who conveniently taped the entire.

Tony Rose and Adrienne Ingrum

In closing, congratulations to Tony Rose, Adrienne Ingrum and Yvonne Rose for making the African American Pavilion at BookExpo America the greatest indoor book publishing tradeshow for African Americans ever done in America; and congratulations to Haki Madhubuti for his latest title, The Covenant edited by Tavis Smiley, and from his independently black owned publishing company, Third World Press, is now the no.1 book in America on the New York Times Best selling list and all publishers and authors. Since over 3.5 million visitors will read this article this month, we encourage all readers and authors of African American literature to support, Literary Divas: The Top 100 + Most Admired African Women in Literature by Heather Covington, a celebration of YOU, and look out for Literary Dons: The Top 100+ Most Admired African American Men in Literature due Fall 2006 and available at,, and

Let the celebration and history of African American literature live on!

' 2006: Heather Covington.   Additional Photos courtesy of and Relentless Content


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