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Book Events: Fairs, Festivals, and Conferences (2017 and 2018)

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To Add an Event to Our List: Simply share the event’s information on our African-American Literature Discussion Forum. Because of AALBC.com’s popularity your event will be easy to find by potential attendees, participants, and sponsors. We also select events from this list to share with readers of our monthly eNewsletter.

Here is printable list of events. You may add this events listing to your website or blog, with a single line of code. Also, check out our Events Archives. Always check the event’s website for the latest information.

4 Events Found in Canada

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The Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) The Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD)
Various Locations, Brampton, Ontario, Canada

Dates: Thursday, May 3, 2018 to Sunday, May 6, 2018

Website: The Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD)
Email: info@thefoldcanada.org


The Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) celebrates diversity in literature by promoting diverse authors and stories in Brampton, Ontario—one of Canada&rsquos most culturally diverse cities.

Learn more about The Festival of Literary Diversity (FOLD) on AALBC.com. (105)
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Toronto Urban Book Expo Toronto Urban Book Expo
Toronto Centre for the Arts, Toronto, Canada

Hosted by: Kya Publishing
Date: August 2018 – Dates to be Announced

Website: Toronto Urban Book Expo
Email: info@kyapublishing.com


Kya Publishing’s TUBE is the only Canadian event dedicated to celebrating urban fiction. It is an annual exposition of contemporary urban writers where authors and publishers have the opportunity to display, sell, and communicate their projects while promoting support and recognition for urban literature, literacy, and culture.

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Learn more about Toronto Urban Book Expo on AALBC.com. (168)
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International Festival of Authors International Festival of Authors
Harbourfront Centre, Toronto, Canada

Hosted by: IFOA
Date: October 2018 – Dates to be Announced

Website: International Festival of Authors
Phone: 416-973-4760
Email: info@ifoa.org


Since its inception in 1974, Toronto’s International Festival of Authors has welcomed more than 9,000 authors from over 100 countries, including 22 Nobel Laureates and countless other award winners.

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Learn more about International Festival of Authors on AALBC.com. (133)
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Vancouver Writers Fest Vancouver Writers Fest
Granville Island, and two off Site Venues, Vancouver, Canada

Date: October 2018 – Dates to be Announced

Website: Vancouver Writers Fest
Phone: 604-681-6330
Email: info@writersfest.bc.ca


The Vancouver Writers Fest turns reading into a community experience, bringing people together to share thoughts, explore ideas, and witness brilliant conversations.

For the past 30 years, the Writers Fest has enriched our imaginations and the culture of our city and has touched and inspired thousands of lives by creating a forum for authors to connect with readers and by offering a vibrant exchange of ideas and conversation.

The Festival is a celebration of story, told by authors, poets, spoken word performers, and graphic novelists.

Learn more about Vancouver Writers Fest on AALBC.com. (134)
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