Book Events: Fairs, Festivals, and Conferences (2019 and 2020)

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3 Events Found in Michigan

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Hustle & Grind Book Fair Hustle & Grind Book Fair
CG Community Center, Detriot, Michigan

Hosted by: Hood Book Headquarters
Date: May 2019 – Dates to be Announced

Website: Hustle & Grind Book Fair
Phone: 313-731-7994

If you’ve never attended one of our events you’re in store for something special. Whether it be book signings, movie theater buyouts, trap music karaoke, old school game night or just stopping by to hangout with our owners; authors Ms. Michel Moore and T. C. Littles, or Marlon PS White, we show out. The “Hood Book Hospitality” is legendary!

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Kerrytown BookFest
Farmer’s Market, Ann Arbor, Michigan

Date: September 2019 – Dates to be Announced

Website: Kerrytown BookFest


The Kerrytown BookFest is held each September and is a celebration of books, those who create them and those who read them. Our primary goal is to highlight our area’s rich heritage in the book and printing arts and showcase local individuals, businesses, and organizations. The day will be filled with entertainment, education, and hands-on experiences.

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Detroit Book City Detroit Book City
Northwest Activities Center, Detroit, Michigan

Hosted by: Janeice R. Haynes
Date: February 2020 – Dates to be Announced

Website: Detroit Book City
Phone: 248-209-6880

Detroit Book City: African-American Family Book Expo is an exciting one-day event is designed to preserve literacy in our community — at the family level. Enjoy a winter afternoon with over 60 talented, Black Indie Authors of adult & children books.

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