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2 Events Found in South Africa

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Open Book Festival Open Book Festival
The Fugard Theatre, Cape Town, South Africa

Hosted by: Cape Town Literary Festival
Date: September 2020 – Dates to be Announced

Website: Open Book Festival

An annual literary festival, the first of which took place in 2011.

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Abantu Book Festival Abantu Book Festival
Eyethu Lifestyle Centre & Soweto Theatre, Soweto, South Africa

Date: December 2020 – Dates to be Announced

Website: Abantu Book Festival


Abantu Book Festival is an annual literary event held in Soweto, South African’s artistic heartland, featuring authors from South Africa, Africa, and the diaspora. Abantu is the Nguni word for people, which makes this the people’s festival. Our vision is simple—We see a Soweto with a vibrant culture of reading.

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