The Odd Life of Timothy Green
Film Reviewed by Kam Williams

Childless Couple’s Prayers Answered in Enchanting Fairytale

The Odd Life of Timothy Green (2012)The Odd Life of Timothy Green

In Theaters: Aug 15, 2012 Wide

Rated PG for mature themes and mild epithets.
Running time: 125 minutes
Distributor: Walt Disney Pictures
Science Fiction & Fantasy, Comedy
Directed By: Peter Hedges
Written By: Peter Hedges, Ahmet Zappa
Production Design by Wynn Thomas


Reviewed by Kam Williams
Excellent (4.0)


Jim (Joel Edgerton) and Cindy Green (Jennifer Garner) are very happily-married except for not having any kids. After being informed by Cindy's gynecologist (Rhoda Griffis), that she can't conceive, they scribble down all the qualities they'd hoped to pass on to the child they'll never have, starting with her good heart and his honesty to a fault.

Then, they bury the wish list in a box in the backyard right before a torrential rainfall arrives. To their astonishment a real live boy sprouts up in their garden overnight who, other than having leaves growing out of his legs, seems to be perfectly normal.

What's more, 10 year-old Timothy (CJ Adams) not only exhibits the positive traits desired by Cindy and Jim, but he refers to them as "Mom" and "Dad" without any prompting. While the Greens are certainly inclined to welcome their miraculous blessing with open arms, they are still hard-pressed to explain the sudden addition to the family to skeptical relatives and friends.

For sensitive Timothy, the adjustment is rather rocky, too, between being teased by bullies at school for wearing long socks, and being rejected at home for not being manly enough by his macho grandfather, Jim, Sr. (David Morse). He even frustrates his mom when she's fired by her boss (Dianne Wiest) on account of his compulsive frankness.

At least the little lost soul does find a kindred spirit in Joni (Odeya Rush), a shy classmate hiding a painful secret of her own. The harder a time Timothy has trying to measure up to the world's expectations, the more he retreats to a magical oasis of solitude he shares with this newfound friend.

Directed by Peter Hedges (Pieces of April), The Odd Life of Timothy Green is an enchanting fairytale designed for young and old alike. Credit a combination of seamless special effects and a talented cast for making it easy for the audience to suspend disbelief in the face of a supernatural storyline with an implausible premise.

Once that hurdle is scaled, a most-satisfying payoff which tugs on the heartstrings awaits anyone willing to invest in this instant Disney classic. Buy an extra ticket for the box of Kleenex you'll need to have sitting on the seat beside you.

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