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Dear Readers, 

I tend to enjoy reading various articles on writing , the industry, the concepts, et cetera. parallel to craft articles. These topics can be fun or engaging. As some of you know, I have a controlled electronic footprint, meaning, I don't keep old posts. This blog never had fifteen posts and never will cause I don't like ejunk. But, I realize, aside my posts to what I created and create, I need a post to just chit chat if you will. So this post will serve that function, through its comments I will posts various topics concerning writing. 


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Below is a collage i made to Ty Wilson Art

my yahoo art jam.jpeg

Be Safe


Recommended Comments

INSPIRATIONS- listed below that may provide you more courage in your heart or hope in yourself, though I hope you don't need it


If you are a newly indie author and have doubts, generated from various sources

if you are a female author and you feel your voice is not being accepted through the publishing house

if you are barely making a penny, how one author makes six figures

LGBT fiction authors

and three more LGBT authors 

From instagram to movie deal

write yourself

Mom's just want to do too! 

Never to old to write, thus why i keep telling all of you to keep journals 

many will think you are crazy, or taking too big of a risk, if you truly can, keep going for it 

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Poetry and Some fun things 



what is your favorite recent poem, recent poem defined as being made in the last ten year? https://www.pbs.org/newshour/arts/poetry/how-young-writers-are-leading-a-poetry-comeback


Some fun things

some fact to various writer, some you may know, enjoy  

What do you think of the free preview? 

a talk to characters

what is a favorite opening line to a book? I used : in that pleasant district of merry england which is watered by the river Don, there extended in ancient times a large forest, covering the greater part of the beautiful hills and vallies which lie between Sheffield and the pleasant town of Doncaster <Ivanhoe> , in the land of ingary, where such things as seven-league boots and cloaks of invisibility really exist, it is quite a misfortune to be born the eldest of three <howls moving castle> 


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Ok, for those in my email listing,tell me if you want to join it and we will connect, I have submitted to you my epistle or dialog entries to fiyah or killens respectively. I admit, more in the email to that purpose. But, please take a gander at the killens review contest  or the fiyah magazine open contest  and submit your own work. One day I hope to get us all to make a collection of submitted works. anyway, some new competitions are below. 

Like the Onmyoji contest, I have no idea what MapleStory is or never heard it before, but I will create something for this open art contest. 
It is till august 8th so let us all give it a go. 
As some of you know, I write letters, and the theme of this open art contest, to compose a postcard, is perfect for me. ... yes I do not know what we happy few is nor heard it before but , if any of you are artists , join me and make something, it is a matter of creation from your heart, not quality
The We Happy Few Contest Begins At 12:00:00 p.m. (PT - Los Angeles Time) On July 24, 2018 And Ends At 11:59:59 p.m. (PT - Los Angeles Time) On August 14, 2018 (The "Promotion Period").


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I finished the Maple Story MApleize me contest entry. Enjoy the coloring pages to my entry, if you are part of my email newsletter. If you go for it, you still have a solid day in time, please share. Here is the link to my entry. 



For the record, the following link is to my original informing to the contest https://aalbc.com/tc/blogs/entry/194-richard-murray-creative-table/?page=4&amp;tab=comments#comment-437


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Unconventional Art deviantart competitions-

DeviantArt, in collaboration with Ripley's Believe It or Not!, wants you to break out of your creative norms and take part in the Unconventional Art Contest!

Inspired by Ripley's Believe It or Not! Odd Is Art, a book showcasing innovative art, we challenge you to change up your usual process and create pieces using unconventional means. From painting to sculptures and everything in between, undertake an artistic experiment and share what you come up with! Common materials can be used in daring new ways or odd items can be used to create something new.


I must admit I am thinking of developing a program to make art. Not a new idea, but something I never did and thus a worthy project this year, but what will the art be? Any ideas? till august 20th 

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Thoughts  to AMP, do you use email?  The three articles below discuss the basic structure or some other development points to the larger project. But, as a yahoo email user for a long time, I recall many including myself asking yahoo to focus on email in years past and they did not. When I look at instagram if this email push can grow, it will reinvigorate email cause email offers a privacy wall that the public bases simpyl do not. but the public bases allow for interactivity that email did and in modernity, usually do not. 




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“Toni Morrison and Adaptation”
A Special Issue of College Literature – Call for Proposals Edited by Stacie McCormick and Rhaisa Williams

A Word from “College Literature: A Journal of Critical Literary Studies” :

The year 2020 will mark the 50th anniversary of the publication of Toni Morrison’s inaugural novel, The Bluest Eye, a work that engages in innovative methods of adaptation by transforming the Dick and Jane primer into a powerful narrative charting the move from innocence to experience as inflected by blackness. In 2006, the novel was adapted into a stage play written by Lydia Diamond. Indeed, Morrison’s work both engages in the act of adaptation (modifying folktales, images, and song into narrative) and continues to be adapted in other formats (notable instances are Beloved, Jazz, and The Bluest Eye). The 50th anniversary of The Bluest Eye serves as an apt occasion to reflect on the transformational and intertextual character of Morrison’s work.

For this special issue, we invite essays that analyze Morrison’s artistic and intellectual imprint on the stage, screen, and through lyric.

We seek essays that theorize Morrison’s work in relation, but not limited to:

Theories of adaptation
Black artistic and cultural formalism
Black feminist artistic practices
Critical engagement with Morrison’s stage plays and/or operas (Margaret Garner; Desdemona; Dreaming Emmett; New Orleans, A Musical)
Children’s Literature (The Tortoise or the Hare, co-authored with Slade Morrison)
Film and stage adaptations of Morrison’s novels (Jazz, The Bluest Eye, Beloved)
Music – How hip-hop, classical, jazz artists adapted Morrison’s work; How Morrison produced work in different formats such as “song cycles” or operettas
Visual Art
Recuperation of history and culture
Forms of intimacy
Regional theater communities
Multiple temporalities

Deadline for submissions is September 1, 2018. Please click here for more information on the publication and submission guidelines.


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In ode to Aretha Franklin I wanted to focus on her song writing. Listed below is the songs she wrote or her a member from her sanguine wrote on her various albums excluding the mention of the first album. I think it is telling she started having a gospel album and in the end has an album that is entitled a brand new me. 
Taking a look at the covers to all her albums, like ella fitzgerald or sarah vaughan , or many other black songstresses whom white owned media did not and do not present youthfully. No shame exist in displaying one who has lived long beyond the common, but I find it too common in media to not show black female artists when young. 
Which song is your favorite from the Written/Sung by Aretha Franklin?


There Is a Fountain Filled with Blood" (William Cowper)
was the first song on her solo album 
Songs of Faith


"Without the One You Love" (Aretha Franklin) 2:48
The Tender, the Moving, the Swinging Aretha Franklin 1962 


"I Wonder (Where Are You Tonight)" (Aretha Franklin, Ted White) 3:16
Laughing on the Outside 1963 


"Without The One You Love" (Aretha Franklin) (3:34)
Yeah!!! 1965 


"Take It Like You Give It" (Aretha Franklin) – 1:50
"Land of Dreams" (Aretha Franklin) – 2:12
Take It Like You Give It 1967 


"Don't Let Me Lose This Dream"    Aretha Franklin, Ted White
"Baby Baby Baby"    Aretha Franklin, Carolyn Franklin
"Dr. Feelgood"    Aretha Franklin, Ted White
"Save Me"    Aretha Franklin, Carolyn Franklin, King Curtis
I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You 1967 


"I'll Keep On Smiling" (Aretha Franklin)
"Take a Look" (Aretha Franklin)
Take a Look 1967


"(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone" (Aretha Franklin, Ted White) 2:25
"Good to Me As I Am to You" (Aretha Franklin, Ted White) 3:56
Lady Soul 1968 


"Think"    Aretha Franklin, Ted White
Aretha Now 1968 


"Don't Let Me Lose This Dream" (Franklin, Teddy White)
"Dr. Feelgood (Love Is a Serious Business)" (Franklin, Teddy White)
"(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone" (Franklin, Teddy White)
Aretha in Paris 1968 Note: first live album 


"Dr. Feelgood" (Franklin, Ted White) - 3:18
"(Sweet Sweet Baby) Since You've Been Gone" (Franklin, White) - 2:18
"Think" (Franklin, White) - 2:15
"Ain't No Way" (Carolyn Franklin, White) - 4:12 I added her sisters song
Aretha's Gold 1969 greatest hits album 


"Call Me" (Aretha Franklin) - 3:57
This Girl's In Love With You 1970 


"Pullin'"    Carolyn Franklin, Jimmy Radcliffe <her sister>
"You and Me"    Aretha Franklin
"Spirit in the Dark"    Aretha Franklin
"One Way Ticket"    Aretha Franklin    2:52
"Try Matty's"    Aretha Franklin    2:32
Spirit in the Dark 1970 


"Dr. Feelgood"    Aretha Franklin    7:06
"Spirit in the Dark"    Aretha Franklin    5:33
"Spirit in the Dark" (Reprise with Ray Charles)    Aretha Franklin    8:53
Aretha Live at Fillmore West 1971 


"Dr. Feelgood" (Aretha Franklin, Ted White) - 3:18
"Call Me" (Aretha Franklin) - 3:18
Aretha's Greatest Hits 1971 


"Day Dreaming"    Aretha Franklin    4:00
"Rock Steady"    Franklin    3:15
"All the King's Horses"    Franklin    3:56
"First Snow in Kokomo"    Franklin    4:04
Young, Gifted and Black 1972 


"Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky)" (Aretha Franklin)
"So Swell When You're Well" (James Booker, Aretha Franklin)
"Angel" (Carolyn Franklin, Sonny Sanders) her sister
"Sister from Texas" (Aretha Franklin)
"Just Right Tonight" (Aretha Franklin, Avery Parrish, Buddy Feyne, Quincy Jones, Robert Bruce)
"Master of Eyes (The Deepness of Your Eyes)" (Aretha Franklin, Bernice Hart)
Hey Now Hey (The Other Side of the Sky) 1973 


"Rock Steady" - 4:19 contains an alternate introduction exclusive to this compilation
"Dr. Feelgood" - 3:18
"Day Dreaming" - 3:49
"Call Me" - 3:24
The Best of Aretha Franklin 1973 quadraphonic sound 


"Oh Baby" (Aretha Franklin)
"If You Don't Think" (Aretha Franklin)
Let Me in Your Life 1974 


"Without Love" (Carolyn Franklin, Ivy Jo Hunter) her sister
"With Everything I Feel in Me" (Aretha Franklin)
"Sing It Again - Say It Again" (Carolyn Franklin) her sister 
With Everything I Feel in Me 1974 


"Mr. D.J. (5 for the D.J.)" (Aretha Franklin)
"As Long As You Are There" (Carolyn Franklin) her sister 
You 1975 


"When I Think About You" (Aretha Franklin) 4:46
"A Tender Touch" (Aretha Franklin) 3:58
"Meadows of Springtime" (Aretha Franklin) 5:26
"Mumbles / I've Got the Music in Me" (Clark Terry, Aretha Franklin, Bias Boshell) 3:40
"Sweet Passion" (Aretha Franklin) 7:12
Sweet Passion 1977 


"I'm Your Speed" (Aretha Franklin, Glynn Turman) 3:40
Almighty Fire 1978  second collaboration with curits mayfield, he wrote all other songs 


"Ladies Only" (Aretha Franklin) – 5:15
"Honey I Need Your Love" (Aretha Franklin) – 2:45
"I Was Made for You" (Clarence Franklin) – 4:03 her son or brother 
"Only Star" (Aretha Franklin) – 5:04
La Diva 1979 


"Together Again"    Franklin, Phil Perry, Chuck Jackson    3:34
"Love Me Forever"    Franklin, Rev. Patrick Henderson, Kenny Moore    4:47
"School Days"    Aretha Franklin    4:54
Aretha 1980 


"Without the One You Love" (Aretha Franklin) - 3:36
"I Wonder Where Are You Tonight" (Aretha Franklin, Ted White) - 3:15
Aretha Sings the Blues 1980 


"Whole Lot of Me*"    Aretha Franklin    3:23
"Kind of Man*"    Aretha Franklin    4:19
Love All the Hurt Away 1981 


"I Wanna Make It Up to You" (Franklin)
Jump to It 1982 


"Giving In" (Clarence Franklin) – 4:38 her son or brother
Get It Right 1983 


"Who's Zoomin' Who"    Aretha Franklin, Preston Glass, Walden    4:44
"Integrity"    Franklin    5:38
Who's Zoomin' Who? 1985 


"He'll Come Along"    Aretha Franklin
Aretha 1986 


"He's the Boy"    Aretha Franklin
"Think (1989)[6]"    Aretha FranklinTed White 3:39
Through the Storm 1989 


"You Can't Take Me for Granted" (Aretha Franklin)
"What Did You Give" (Aretha Franklin)
What You See Is What You Sweat 1991 


"The Woman" (Franklin)  – 7:41
A Rose Is Still a Rose 1998 


"So Damn Happy" (Aretha Franklin) - 4:29
"You Are My Joy" (Franklin) - 2:34
"You Are My Joy (Reprise)" (Franklin) - 2:33
So Damn Happy 2003 


"The Lord Will Make A Way" (Traditional, Arranged by Aretha Franklin) – 5:43
This Christmas, Aretha 2008 


? I was unable to find out the writers to these songs
Aretha: A Woman Falling Out of Love 2011 


"Think"    Aretha FranklinWhite
"Angel"    Carolyn FranklinSonny Saunders
A Brand New Me 2017 It ends with Respect from Otis Redding, not accidental to me, she really liked Redding, Cooke and those Southern Balladeers. 


Also consider the Dinah Washington Album, I heard it, it is a true ode. Her Sparkle film soundtrack album is underrated for the timing of it side quality having all song written from curtis mayfield. Aretha Franklin Sings the Great Diva Classics 2014 is another gem, showing how much she listened to other singers honestly.  

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Introducing the, Der Tchrumpfs. I have more stories and some examples. For those in my reading group I invited your opinion and I know some said you wanted crisper detail. But, beside that no words on the plot or jokes thus I unchanged them. #DerTchrumpfs 


Nederlandse versie



Remember, my other short story collections, some more voluminous or polished than the Der Tchrumpfs is in other entries in my short story collection

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After reading the article defend integrated peaceful multiversity/multiculturalism as more successful in any government than monoverse or monocultural domination over other cultures? 

The article make a great point. Many people in the usa speak the idea that peaceful integrated multicultures is positive, advantageous... but provide examples. Let us be honest, Every government in the American continent <usa/mexico/haiti/brazil> all started based on one culture or community. Whites in the usa/blancos in brasil/negroes in haiti/mestizoes in mexico. In history, the romans, british empire, japanese empire all were monocultural in creation or expansion. Countries like China or Kemet <egypt> in composition utilized multiculturalism but it was through war, whether Narmer or the Mad Matyr. The Mongols were started or expanded monoculturally, but after Temujin died, the pieces to the empire reflected the culture each had in it which each mongol leader accepted. 


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The September Equinox 2018 will occur or did occurred September 23rd 1:54 in the morning, thus why I posted this earlier. May all in the northern hemisphere have a lovely harvest in autumn. May all in the southern hemisphere have a blossoming spring.

Red Dawn


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Song: Nonqonqo (To Those We Love) link https://photos.app.goo.gl/dKeXz3NEExQRWbgq7
Singer: Letta Mbulu's side Choir 
Writer: Miriam Makeba. 
Film: A Warm December 
Film Score writer/conductor: Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson 
Thespian in scene: Esther Anderson side Sidney Poitier


A Warm December is not a pure or honest Black Film, the writer was white. Like Black PAnther or Shaft, Black thespians or directors is not enough to be a true Black Film. Black people need to be producer/director/writer/thespians to make a true black film, sequentially many films do not fit that bill. But, in terms of interpretations to Black life in film, the loving between the lead couple in


A Warm December is unique. 
First, it is not fornicatively raw. The film show passion but not lust, and that is rare in imaginations concerning black lovers in film. The reason is not unknown. Only a people can describe their existence best.  The article linked immediately below list film the article author consider Black cinema. If Black Cinema is defined as Cinema where Black people are producers in essential/director(s) in majority/thespians in majority/writer(s) in majority what film in said list are valid? 
The answer is : Girls Trip, Get Out from the top ten in that list. 
I am not suggesting that Black thespians/writers/directors/producers are blockaded from working side non blacks, especially in modern USA. But, if a film is not dominated by any particular phenotypical group in creation then it is a statian film; no particular phenotypical label is warranted. ...Well, the lyrics to the song is below, enjoy and I hope if you have not seen the film you will. 


Song Lyrics:

Bahleli bonke etilongweni
Bahleli bonke kwaNongqongqo

Bahleli bonke etilongweni
Bahleli bonke kwaNongqongqo

Hee hee hee halala
Hee hee hee halala

Nanku nanku nanku sobukwe
Nanku nanku etilongweni

Nanku nanku nanku sobukwe
Nanku nanku etilongweni

Yini baba Luthuli
A uzotheni uzotheni

Nanku nanku nanku Mandela
Nanku nanku etilongweni

Nanku nanku nanku Sisulu
Nanku nanku etilongweni

Yini we maAfrica
A uzotheni uzotheni

Yini we maAfrica
A uzotheni uzotheni

Bahleli bonke etilongweni
Bahleli bonke kwaNongqongqo

Bahleli bonke etilongweni
Bahleli bonke kwaNongqongqo




youtube link



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Peola Edit - Immitation To Life 1934 video link https://photos.app.goo.gl/ygTE8oLvs651m3V86


From a easy glance Delilah can be deemed the prototypical Black Mamme. But, if you listen clear to Delilah ,while her manners toward white people is never not :congenial; happy; thankful or similar tone, she never suggest her motherhood to Peola is in adoration to her being "so light" or "high skin"; but her adoration is to her daughter whom she incubated. Throughout the Peola edit Delilah constantly opposes suggestions from Beatrice Pullman that Peola need to live in her fantasy or hide from truth; while she also never suggest her motherhood is erroneous in loving but did apologize for exposing her.  
Throughout the edit, Peola's inability to accept her background or contrast to her mom escalates: from childhood being called black or her passing failing, going to a high tone black folk negro school, to passing as a white female working in a store, to her passing ultimatum that crushed her mother heart; in the timeline, the relationship between blacks side whites is a constant unchanging factor, even though the story show no straight violence. Sequentially, Peola unaccepting stance has no communal or collective aid in a changing environment beyond herself or her mother; Delilah comprehend her only solution will be in herself, as she allude to peola father inability.
In the end, the quantity from black people in Delilah funeral does not show a black woman who merely rejected owning 20% to a hit firm; but a black woman who clearly helped many more in the black community than suggested in any public way.
I will say, the phrase from Peola, "I killed my own mother" , while common drama from the time is untrue. The environment killed your mother, through the death from peola father and then peola passing ultimatum. The environment in the u.s.a. made two people delilah love despise their person or feel unsettle constantly, leading to both killing themself in one way <father murdering himself through exhaustion or physical> or another <peopla rejecting her mother in public thus killing the existence to herself>.
If anything the lesson in the Peola edit is how hopeful can a person be. Delilah hope/faith when alive was not enough to save her husband or her daughter. In death, her daughter had illumination or an epiphany. But how many will give their life to hope and simply not give up on hope like Delilah?
your thoughts?


Louise Beavers- Delilah <her last name is johnson but in the original credits no last name is given >
Fredi Washington- Peola <age 19>
Dorothy Black- Peola <age 9>
Sebie Hendricks- Peola <age 4; she is not in the original credits>
Claudette Colbert- Beatrice Pullman
Rochelle Hudson- Jessie Pullman <age 18>
Marilyn Knowlden- Jessie Pullman <age 8>
Baby Jane- Jessie Pulman <age 3>


Video Link

youtube link




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Video of Concealed Carry Models, dominated by women from Vice


to see more, view the following link, not free, must have a cable/stream subscription

...while talking about trump
14-Year-Old Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Among the Worst in U.S. History





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My Email Newsletter Edition 5 came out, tell me your email and I will add you, here are some things from the recent edition , enjoy, create, have fun





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    My The MAgicians Submission is a monogram. A monogram is when letters are placed together in a shape. In my case, I did not use a strict european style and used a more arabesque style, not well defined like a tughra or as intricate as the Jeli Diwani, but having some aspect from the Jeli Diwani style. Can you interpret what the monogram say?
    Below I linked the submission , on deviantart, as well as a video to me creating a color pencil version, on google photos. I compared a colored pencil, graphite pencil, ink using felt tip pen and in the end, I chose the ink felt tip pen, which was nice, cause I wanted to do something ink based in October, for inktober, though to be fair, I have been primarily inking in submissions for a bit now.
    My scanner failed to create the result I liked, I needed quite a few adjustments to get it decent. But I will improve this process. :) I had fun.

    Video to me working on the colored pencil version- I could not video tape anymore while drawing. I will improve.



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    How Ann Gorman Became A Wife
    from the film Follow ME Quietly

    This film starts off with a woman standing in the rain, unknown reason. We discover she is a reporter, ambitious and has a lead on a story concerning a mass murderer.
    She is brushed off and then goes into the law enforcers home, hoping to regale him to give her the case. He accepts and then the next day when she tells him what she wrote he rejects it. She later meets him on the beat and then before she walks out of his like, he admits stronger feelings.
    Then she helps him in the case, and after talking the officer has a general locale. And then she is sitting in the diner side him, the case closed.
    All the while she has not actually done any reporting after confessing she need the money. And in the end, she is off to be married, to the rude cop. Dirty Harry Senior side Lois Lane

    the film stars Dorothy PAtrick/William Lundigan/JEff Corby
    lillie hayward wrote it
    robert de grasse photography
    The public video - I apologize for the bootleg camerawork style:)



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    My excerpt on an episode from the show independent lens , the cleaners




    *Independent lens, excerpt from the episode the cleaners*
    People truly underestimate how much negativity exist through the internet and how the answer can not be telling fiscal firms what to do, but creating alternatives that are functional. now in global fiscal capitalism, this is not easy to do, but....
    show webpage

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    Richard Murray Email Newsletter Edition 10 Excerpt

    • fiyah- The following is the guidelines for the first submission period in 2019 for fiyah, give it a go- Issue #10: Hair | Window open January 1, 2019 - January 31, 2019 ; If there is any one part of the black body that is targeted for obsession the most; it is our hair. Natural. Weave. Dye. Fade. High top. Dreadlocks. You name a style and a black person somewhere, somehow pulls it off with magical ease. But for every style we rock, there’s someone telling us that it isn’t professional, doesn’t look good, is acquiescing to colonialism or some other no good nonsense. This challenge is prevalent throughout our history and to the modern day. Tignon laws restricting how black women could present their hair were rooted in the jealousy white women had towards black hair because of the perceived lust it caused in white men. In the 70s, we saw the afro flourish as a symbol of revolution and a reclamation of pride still actively trying to be denied us today. How many schoolchildren have been summarily rejected for their hair? How many employees fired for it? Our hair and the majesty of it presents a danger to those who don’t have it. Look to Medusa as the first example of that fear. The gods couldn’t resist her beauty and she was punished for it (her hair obviously being a symbol for dreads). Funny that even the gods fear us. But not all stories about our hair need to be rooted in that. Send us stories where hair is loved, where it’s accepted and where it’s even worshipped. There are entire myths built around the mystery of our hair. Tap into them and create something that is an expression of love. Or let it be an expression of rage. Anger at a global culture that doesn’t allow you to dictate how you present yourself to the world. No emotion is invalid when looking at the blank canvas of the paper.And we hope as you write, you embrace more fully the gift that is your hair.
    • A dead djinn in cairo- Someone introduced me to this from the fiyah group. and I will share it here. I have not yet read it but I will later? if any of you take a gander, tell me your thoughts
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    Newsletter Edition 11 Excerpt, join the newsletter for more, send me your email in a private message

    • Green Scripts- as some of you know, I have two scripts I am working on and I admit, that I will publish them through my kobo if not accepted when i offer them. I realize that reading scripts or plays for many people is not the norm and most importantly, does not go along the reading conventions people have, but I like reading scripts. JK Rowlings as a well known writer is finally bringing light to scripts as valuable, the shame is that it took a popular writer to break through this artistic philosophy. Don't we read plays? why are scripts negatively thought of? I wonder your thoughts. ... to some of you who want my newsletter to be a better multilog, the reality is, artistic debate online is not for every person and is not something I think the email newsletter recipients are ready for. So for now, i have to take your responses individually. ... Remember to take a gander to my earlier newsletters or email me a reply to read UKahk or what was last- If you are interested in two scripts I already wrote, enjoy the following links, the article concerning the topic is immediately after
    • The Minotaur- La Machine has done it again, if you never saw their carousel, shame on you, stop wasting time online talking about trump and start finding the beautiful things online that have value. TO that end, i introduce THE MINOTAUR!!


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    EXCERPT From NewsLetter Edition 12- message me if you want to join it

    1. A New Year Together- ...or sooner:) I am thinking we all can start 2019 by each having a 1,000 word monthly goal. I am thinking the two binder in all the stories can be the use of a tattoo side a present that must be described the same way in each story, everything else is your game. And no I am not thinking of the ray bradbury story but this may come out like that, email me back if you are interested. At the end of the month, I will make an epub for each of us and we can each promote it in our various platforms. In the epub i will provide the links or etc to each persons profiles or information online and the content is small enough for me to share to each of you through email. Reply to me if you are game.
    2. Fire & Blood- I am a fan of game of thrones or the work that inspired it, the accursed kings. This is another prequel concerning, the targaryen family, I will be reading
      1. https://www.kobo.com/us/en/ebook/fire-blood-2
    3. two hearts- the sequel to the last unicorn is online
      1. http://www.peterbeagle.com/works/shorts/two_hearts.htm
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    Newsletter Edition 13th excerpt

    1. NANOWRIMO- A new year together folks:) Me and your fellow Newsletter member Ray Sunn, author of the twin spark series worked on NAnoWriMo together. I will explain. Early October I had posted to everyone here that FIyah was doing their now annual VoicesonFiyah Nanowrimo call, where they had writers perform the nanowrimo challenge in a communal fashion. Specifically, each writer choose a genre and then they place their word count week by week. I was finished with writing tasks for this year but I had an advertisement task as well as engineering that is not completed as I wanted by then. But, I realized something very important. NAnoWriMo is a simple thing. It asks writers to write unabated to a goal, breaking through most writers various methods or structures that block the emission of words. Sequentially, my own creative style, i have developed over time has development phases that go against writing unabatedly. But, i was not interested in focusing on a writing project I have on my next list because they are dear to me and i don't want to rush through their creation. Sequentially, I was a little stuck in terms of strategy. Then my friend Ray suggested she was going to do it to. So we developed a strategy after a few talks. The strategy was, we will each set our own word count goal and then using a few plot points each week we will write. Me said Ray did this and we each achieved our words goals. For me, I made my first work absent writing using paper/pencil. I only used electronic media, my computer, to compose the work. I made no notes or developed anything it was raw from November 1st. I asked all of you to join in , hoping we all can have a collection but it was not meant to be this time. As it is, I made over 25,000 words and I won a prize of getting 3,000 words reviewed. I will select entries from harlem or the what was last seen script, if you want to read them and tell me your thoughts, just email me. I of course am open to your thoughts on to what i should use the 3,000 word review for. To our newsletter group. All of us in this newsletter group can write 1,000 <one thousand> words in one month. 2019 is coming upon us. What if a group from us, hopefully all of us, choose to do at least 1,000 words each month. Like me side Ray did above, we will use a few plot points, while the rest is up to each author. If at least ten of us choose to do so. With near one hundred people in this newsletter. all people i know. If ten of us do this we can have 120,000 word book made together by 2019 years end. That is a great project we all can be proud of and through our various platforms share the collective book, as a combined project.

      1. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B078WVQZ3C/ref=cm_sw_r_other_apa_5BAOAbYQMY34W

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