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Dear Readers, 

I tend to enjoy reading various articles on writing , the industry, the concepts, et cetera. parallel to craft articles. These topics can be fun or engaging. As some of you know, I have a controlled electronic footprint, meaning, I don't keep old posts. This blog never had fifteen posts and never will cause I don't like ejunk. But, I realize, aside my posts to what I created and create, I need a post to just chit chat if you will. So this post will serve that function, through its comments I will posts various topics concerning writing. 


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Below is a collage i made to Ty Wilson Art

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Cleopatra Jones was mostly written or partially produced from MAx Julien , starred Tamara Dobson. Black people had a hand in the money/script/direction/acting in this film, thus making it one of the few true black films , in my opinion.
What do you think should be involved in a remake? any ideas.
misha green twitter
referring tweet


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OVerdrive is a system that allows you to access EBooks through it like a traditional library system. IT is a member of the Rakuten family, which owns my publisher Kobo. Each page to a book linked below has a sample page. Enjoy. are your already published works on overdrive? @Troy @Mel Hopkins @Cynique 

*My books* 
Sunset Children Stories
Looking West and West 
The Visasiki
The Janidogo

Overdrive library location
app for overdrive

*For Writing life authors* 
Once your eBook is live on OverDrive, spread the words to your fans so they can request your eBook at their local library. OverDrive also launched a great free app, Libby, where users can browse eBooks right on their devices.
As you can see, the process is incredibly simple and a fantastic way to get your book out to a new market—and help you increase your earnings!
If you’d like to enable OverDrive distribution on your account, send an email to the KWL team now and we’ll get you set up.

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*The following is the films I know from the 2017 Library of congress film entries*  

Ace in the Hole
Die hard
Field of Dreams
4 Little Girls
The Goonies
Guess WHo's Coming to Dinner
La Bamba


One film on there I did not know that I was able to see was Wanda, it is really good. 
And I think a must see for every woman and every man who doesn't mind a human woman.
The backstory to this film is magical. Barbara Loden was married to her second husband ELia Kazan ,Viva Zapata! ,when Harry Schuster offered 100,000 for her to make her own film. She rewrote what Elia Kazan wrote and based it on her own life. 

I love this film, i wish i had taped it to be honest. 
Only two actors are in it and both are brilliant and to be honest, the same characters. The difference is , Wanda is living the life as someone who is only bound to the road. HE is living the life as someone who doesn't know the road has turned. 
His lines are pure raw cro magnon male, when he speaks to her holding food or their talk while they drink beers is a must see. Her replies are genius to him though. When she answers about her former life, it is nearly heartbreaking in one level, while more honest than what is from most female characters in films. Oddly, Ray in star wars episode seven epitomize that in science fiction.  
Oh , remember to check the hat she gets:)

affectionally, I present *_Wanda_*    

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If you have a NYPL library card , or any other,consider reading my book Sunset Children Stories https://nypl.overdrive.com/media/3670145
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happy holidays , tell me if you can access my book at your local library. The poetry or more books are not in overdrive yet. I am working on an issue between kobo side overdrive. Will update later.  ... for those that know Habari Gani? this is the best day:) for sharing, perhaps:) 

@Mel Hopkins @Troy @sabine ziya @Neftali Rivera Jr @Maame Dede @Cynique @zetkabawn @Sarah Gordon Weathersby @rosa @Uniquelymade7 @Jasonnicholson05 @Angel Alita @Tyr1Jax

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Being yourself is key I concur to this post , what I have learned is patience is massive, if you keep at it the community will grow who are truly interested and reply to inquest. but you have to be patient, and don't beg, simply state what you are doing. 



grammar thoughts 



I only wrote romance in a story collection. I have yet to produce a book intentionally displaying positive sultry intimacy between characters from cover to cover but I know many who read romance novels in various sub genres: tech/adult/noir et cetera. Considering what you said about critics, or judges, the issue may be they are afraid to have positive relationships dominate in stories more. Negative friction is easier to utilize than positive friction. more tweets are about negative interactions than positive ones. Romance novels by default are displaying positive relationship, through various environments. 



Kobo authors do check this out , I suggest all go for it. so many of us are online all the time. @sabine ziya 


join the affiliate program  



I had and have total opposition to the message in the following article. I saw many beautiful book cover in my time. I think book coveres have value, especially to attract. The problem is in molding readers. Readers when best, are unconcerned to a book cover. The literature between the cover is the content. not the book cover, the movie poster, the music video. I wonder what film sales will be absent, film posters/previews imagine if the only way to see a film would be in a movie house, what will sales be? I wonder who will be the top charting artist absent the music video, the album cover, the concert. what if you can only hear the music? Viewers/audience are groomed to expect the main content to come in a package and i think that augments the value or the intake to the main content. 



Authors on a Train sound fun, If anyone want to collaborate, on short stories I am game

If Authors on a Train sounds like something you’d want to attend, we are currently accepting applications for our 2018 retreat. It will take place November 11-16, and again head to New Orleans by way of Amtrak from Chicago. For more information, go to http://www.authorsonatrain.com

Part 1 


Part 2



If you want to be part of Kobo's beta promotions program and are a kobo writing life member send an email to support@kobowritinglife.zendesk.com 

A kobo author shares her experience  



Great tools in the blog entry to be honest, i am one of those people who changes my environment when in writing mode. When I feel an urge to write I cut off and write only. I think that old tool is still the best. Sometimes not the most functional but, works for me, when I am in a writing groove. no net, phone, anyone else. Luckily, I don't have a fiscal scenario that disallows that as well. 



The following is a great idea. Communicate as a character in your story. I like this idea lot. I will give it a go. Any suggestions on a character from a story I did not compose that interest you ?  




Rachel Grant who opens up her email to query from kobo writers who have thoughts about the industry, as what makes your story unique. But I go one further and ask what have you read that is unique? 



Self publishing in the netherlands,  a good read 



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@richardmurray  thank you for thinking of me and thank you for bringing this project to my attention. :)  I barely make enough time for my current writing projects so for now I have to pass.  By the way, I don't write or speak Portuguese, lol.

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I am taking a class on multielectromagnetic wave observation. Which means functionally deciphering images made from telescopes viewing electromagnetic emissions about the earth. I have already learned the important to electronic based observation. In time keeping as well as existence.  In many way, the key today is not that people know but that people have tools that allow observations having a width in types, a speed in retrieving, that it allows for many things to be known. 

I am in a very creative mode. 


Skylight: More Than Meets the Eye

December 2017

[The Museum’s logo appears]


[Clear dark sky with stars, rotating from left to right throughout video.]

Under a dark sky, the human eye sees thousands of stars, and the glow of the Milky Way.]

[Cloudy patches of Milky Way come into view.]

Our sight is limited to the visible spectrum, but many telescopes detect light beyond that narrow range.

[Vertical spectrum appears on far left, with gamma rays at top, radio at bottom. An arrow indicates the part of the spectrum currently shown: visible. Arrows moves down to infrared as sky transitions to infrared view.  The band of the galaxy is brightest, with wispy features filling the rest of the sky.]

The dark dust lanes along the Milky Way are transparent to infrared. Stars don’t shine brightly at all wavelengths, but we’ll show the visible stars for reference. Infrared demonstrates that the Milky Way is more than just a narrow band of light in the sky. We also see gas in nearby galaxies, such as Andromeda.

[Circle marks position of Andromeda galaxy. View shifts through microwave to radio light. Circles mark both Andromeda and Triangulum galaxies, which appear as pink spots against otherwise blue-green wisps.]

A different wavelength shows the gases within the Andromeda and the Triangulum galaxies, as well as our own. High concentrations of gas and dust fuel the formation of stars in the Milky Way.

[Band of Milky Way rotates through view again. Shift to microwave light.]

Outside the plane of the galaxy, we see the Cosmic Microwave Background.  This “baby picture” of the universe shows the earliest light after the Big Bang.

[Shift from microwave, through infrared, visible, and x-ray, to gamma ray light. Band of Milky Way is brightest, with bright points appears away from the band.]

Gamma rays show light from high-energy pulsars and black holes in our galaxy…

… as well as the luminous cores of galaxies far, far away.

[Spectrum and arrow fade out. Six panels simultaneously show sky in radio, microwave, infrared, visible, x-ray and gamma ray light. The constellation Orion moves across all six, sequentially.] 

By examining the entire spectrum, astronomers are able to probe distinct aspects of the cosmos. We need space telescopes to see those parts of the spectrum blocked by Earth’s atmosphere.

[Visible sky extends to full screen.]

We see only a sliver of the spectrum— there’s much more to the sky than meets the eye.

[Credits roll.]




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History is a great teacher when channeled through truth. Most potent is when a history can be truthfully known from an infancy. I remember when no Internet existed. I remember the early years when only a fortunate few had access, and later when it blossomed and later when it matured and to now, when it is mutating, into something. In the end of the day, the problem in the Internet is ever present in the miniature Facebook. Looking back, three thing did not occurred that needed to occurred. The first thing I will mention, based on mere typing chance not value or temporal occurrence in my mind ,Bill Clinton placed the lines that connected the early web and standardized the internet protocol addressing system through the IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority. Bill CLinton made one key error, that he had the power to change. He made the addressing a free for all, a fiscal capitalistic venture that served only those who had money. To be blunt, every single person on earth can have their own ip address. Why does it matter? The entire addressing system to the internet is where all the power reside. Most people never realize that accessing the internet can not occur if a map does not exist from you to wherever you address. These maps are controlled by the united states federal government; others who warrant through necessity or power have smaller segments from the maps, either governments or firms. But these maps you have to pay to be added into, and this is how firms control the internet. For example, someone like myself does not have an ip address, time warner does, they have many in a block and they use them to connect to the ip address centers. When I get online like most  I am using an ip address from my internet service provider. Thus, when we talk about facebook or any online site owning identities, the firms you connect to the internet with from the mobile phone provider to whomever at your home owns your identity. Your credit card information, your name, your address,  sent through their network which is how you connect to the internet. Not your own system through your own ip address. If everyone had their own ip address, the system through which people access the internet can be importantly other. Where people can choose to connect to each other through less steps, in a more secure fashion. To be blunt, if you are reading this post, then many firms have your personal data already. Facebook only is a target, like madoff with the banks, cause they are a less potent abuser. The heaviest abusers are too big to fail. The next thing I will mention is lawyers side bankers. Many people know but few comprehend the negative relationship internet firms have to banks or lawyers. To say it simply, banks/lawyers took over every single internet firm at some point, but not in ownership, in administration. Microsoft/Apple/Facebook/Twitter all have many bankers from when they needed money and had none or lawyers from when they needed legal aid and had none. Bill Gates, Paul Allen, Steve Jobs did not control every aspect to their firms and definitely did not have control over the daily operation; this matters cause when AOL started they basically piggybacked off phone networks, which was the earliest abuse. Firms have benefited from  the first thing I mentioned and the people who run them, will not go against it cause they lose money or power absent it. The last thing I will mention is computer scientist o engineers. When I was in college I weekly had a speech on inefficiency in the entire electromechanical sphere. From computers to the Internet, I said everything was wrong to my fellow students. But, the truth is we were all complicit in the problem. Do you know what separates engineers? It is not mentality or wisdom, it is financing. Show me an engineer in history who created vastly and I will show you financing in some form or another. The reality is, the larger quantity of engineers in the electromechanical world never came together and made alternatives. From browsers to operating systems, some tried to create public alternatives, free for all; all those things are now for profit, in one way or another. 

The security people want through the Internet or in their home systems will require an entire overhaul to the basic structure of the Internet or the computing systems that connect to it; outside a complete overhaul, only a viable alternative will suffice. Sadly, an alternative today will require more work than ever before, but that is the true solution. The modern global electron based computing system is based on providing information about yourself to use at its core. The only way you can connect to the internet is to have an ip address which requires government agencies to know who you are or use another who has to know who you are. 


Photographer: Alan Grinberg
LINK Lightning on the Pacific Ocean
Caption: I waited 10 years to take this photo.


Lightning on the Pacific Ocean


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*What is the best fictionalized account referring the annihilation native american peoples suffered that led to the birth and modern united states of america?* 

Between 1776 and 1887, the United States seized over 1.5 billion acres 
        from America's indigenous people by treaty and executive order. Explore how 
        in this interactive map of every Native American land cession during that period.

To watch the United States expand across the continent: click the icon in the top right, then See Video; Or use the tool at the bottom of the map to manipulate time and watch how things changed year to year.
Click on any area of the map to see who ceded the land and when. Popup boxes contain links to treaty text.
Find your home or a different address using the 'Find Places' search at the top of the map.
Use the "Find Nations" tool at the bottom of the map to find all cessions by the Cherokee,the Sioux, or others.<br>
Use the tool to switch the basemap to the source maps; nineteenth-century maps of land cessions.
Use the tool to manipulate layer visibility

Interactive map 

The annual Shinnecock Pow-Wow, Long Island

Alison Toon

Shinnecock Pow-Wow, 2010


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the early script for get out , notice the beginning and end,

I know why he cut out the beginning... Peele himself said, that he did it for thrilling effect. The man, who we know later is a white man, is masked. the woman he was talking to on the phone, the crazy white woman, we did not know was her. The white family, alluded to in the lights on at the ground floor in the scene, were not given time but the feeling was present. My sense of stating truth is so high I would not had cut that scene but it was worth cutting, a smart artistic choice. The end scene is again another. I think the original script end scene is more honest, worth telling. But I think his ending is better as an art piece. Like the best twilight zones, leave it for the audience to bring the story beyond, do not force future obvious to the audience in their thoughts to the story. Well done, peele. 

the enjoy https://scriptslug.com/assets/uploads/scripts/get-out-2017


Title: Get Out
Photographer: Ma_Co2013


Get Out


I could not paste the original text here

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I thought about Under the Cherry Moon from Prince, part of the prince film trilogy: purple rain/under the cherry moon/graffiti bridge... all the titles are lovely are they not. I think the style in under the cherry moon is good for an animation. I wish I had been able to artistically connect to Prince on those films. Maybe animated films between the live actions. In ode to his spirit flying yesterday, the lead song from the PArade album, which operated as the soundtrack to the film, under the cherry moon

Imagine Aeon Flux animation design remaking under the cherry moon ?



Ouaga is a beautiful city, This is a great story, if you have patience some things will change, not everything but something. Burkina faso is very beautiful. 

On Sunday, March 11th, 2018, at the Méliès de Montreuil cinema, Caroline Carré receives the director Theresa Traore Dahlberg, accompanied by the distributor Matthieu de Faucal (Juste Distribution), who presents her film "Ouaga girls". At the end of the screening, she met the public with Delphine Kohler from the Montreal association "Les filles du facteur".

youtube.com - "Ouaga girls" en questions

See the complete credits list
see the trailer


What is the best film showing internal communal problems in a religious community? The following film made me think to it 

Has anyone seen the trailer for the film disobedience? As a new yorker I have seen or communicated to members in, what I call religiously rigid, what is commonly or falsely called orthodox jewish community. Orthodox means the correct path.
The religion does not seclude said community; their interpretation to the jewish spirituality is what does it. They choose to let parts to a book rule their entire community. Two from the same gender fornicating is a gression, a movement, but it is passionate/lusting/sweaty it is not trans meaning powerful. Forbidden love, they mean to say illegal love... love is never truly forbidden, it has to come from the heart, the rule from the hearts to the people who feel it. It is like the Lovings, the law made it illegal, not the hearts to either from the Lovings. love, faith,freedom in many form are in the story but not sexuality. sexuality is not being challenged or changed in any way. A woman fornicating side another woman has not changed her gender or sex.
The trailer is excellent, it is clear what the base points are, but the relationship to all the characters in the community is still up in the air. It is clearly a statement film. I am interested to see how it plays out, not to go to a movie theater, but to see once on cable or some service that i pay for later... yes.
This was funny enjoy 
3:16 was an excellent point 3:24 the woman who has the large breast was so exhilarated she had to bounce up and down while the center figure in the camera shot... like she did not know she was on camera? :) I love  the views 1, 257,460 views for people reacting to a television program in a bar, if only i can get those numbers:)
The biggest problem is that in the book , most of the people killed in the show are still alive and well. so the difference is massive between show or book, which is probably why george rr martin has so many delays to the winds of winter. Geoffrey was killed by a shade from melisandre not littlefinger. The guy in the video is a clear littlefinger fan. 
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Black owned creative outlets I apologize for posting these late cause creativity require time, but if any of you have work, please apply. I sadfully will not be able to apply to the fiyah in time so my work to that I will probably submit in the email listing once finished.


Issue 7 Theme: Music | Accepting submissions April 1, 2018 – April 30, 2018
Black contributions to musical genres are unmatched. Music is the language of the soul, and for this issue we’re looking for stories where music plays a central role. Maybe the devil really does hand out talent at the crossroads, or maybe that lounge singer isn’t quite what she seems. Send us all of your stories featuring music as magic, music as catalyst, or whatever your devious little hearts come up with.

Share your favorite stories on Twitter with #FiyahLit

Nubianpoets.com is proud to have Latorial Faison who has been featured along with Iyanla Vanzant, Danny Glover, and Dr. Cornel West in the 2003 NAACP Image Award winning book Keeping the Faith: Stories of Love, Courage, Healing, and Hope from the Black Community as this year’s contest judge.


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For kobo Authors

This week we’re announcing our upcoming takeover of the Reedsy short story contest!

Who is Reedsy?
Reedsy is an online marketplace of professional editors, marketers, and cover designers who are available to guide you through every stage of the publishing process. Reedsy handpicks these professionals for their incredible work experience in the publishing industry.

As well, Reedsy offers beautiful and easy collaboration tools to help you co-author your next book.

As a Kobo Writing Life author, you are entitled to a $20 credit when you sign up for Reedsy. To get started, visit the link below:



What is the Reedsy Short Story contest?
Every Friday, Reedsy kicks off a weekly short story contest by sending out a newsletter that includes five themed writing prompts. Subscribers have one week to submit a short story based on one of the prompts. One winner will receive $50 and publications on Reedsy’s blog. For our takeover, we’re also adding in an extra prize: a 60 minute one-on-one consultation with the Kobo Writing Life team!

How do I enter?
Head to http://www.reedsy.com/writing to subscribe and you’ll receive a newsletter with our theme and our five writing prompts. To enter, submit a short story based on one of the prompts by April 27th. Don’t forget to read the contest rules. We can’t wait to read your stories!  

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@richardmurray ,

On 5/13/2018 at 2:04 AM, richardmurray said:

Who is the best mother in fiction? any phenotype/religion/genre/language/age/species apply

In all the fiction, I've read I don't have a nomination for a "best mother" If I go by memory , then most of the mothers have been largely forgettable.

However, I felt comforted by  mother-figure  in The Shack by William P. Young

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A link to The Shack from William P Young http://wmpaulyoung.com/the-shack/  

That was part to why I asked @Mel Hopkins globally or highly well known strong mom characters are rare, as involved characters especially. Someone said, harry potters mom is an example but potters mom died before the books started. her action was strong, but everything about her is memory from other characters, thus, if not forgettable she is a de facto side note as a character. 

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