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Conflicts Between the Privileged Often Spills Over, Interfering with Efforts of Blacks Vying for Power, Until it's Inconvenient.




When Hurricane Katrinia struck New Orleans, leaving the dead floating in the street and the living stranded on highways and rooftops, a huge crowd of mostly black and poor people descended on the city’s convention centre, where the cameras, but little else, were waiting. When asked why relief organisations had been caught off guard, the hapless director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, Michael Brown, responded: “We’re seeing people that we didn’t know exist.” Since the population of New Orleans was well known, a more accurate assessment would have been: “We’re seeing people that we didn’t realise we were supposed to care about.”     

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Conflicts Between the Privileged Often Spills Over, Interfering with Efforts of Blacks Vying for Power, Until it's Inconvenient: The inconvenience emerges not from the revelation that Blacks might get ahead. The inconveniences are usually known, assumed and acknowledged. It is not news that Blacks are a significantly poor population that have no means of competing with the privileged, any more than it was news that black Americans are being murdered with impunity; or that in the Americas and the world over Blacks could be empowered and saved are being targeted by policy makers for experimentation in how to manipulate, enslave people in the 21st century. 

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