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400+ years of social & economic disparity, white supremacy has dazed Black folks psych and focus.  Now, ineffective struggles for ‘change’ have transformed Black demands into a monster, with an eye on ‘replacing’ White hegemony (with our own brand of oppression) as a solution to Black disparity.  Power does, indeed, corrupt!

Instead of continuing a united fight for control over Black lives as a whole, we struggle for equality, equal opportunity to oppress; alongside White folks.


 In Libya, Blacks have reverted back to the slave trade (selling their own people), some Europeans and other countries are buying them.                                                                                                                                                                            



“Oh, but they are animals.  That could never happen in America, not again.”  It’s what White folks say too!  Really?


Education Secretary, Betsy Devos, policies furthering aspects of the ‘hidden curriculum’ in schools is already preparing Black children towards a (forced) labor market permanent policy.  Many Black parents, Black education leaders support these efforts (they’ve been duped into believing is good) will benefit the Black community at large.


And that’s just one of the many first hints,  a revelation of the larger and more complex struggles to come!


Hope Drunk (a poem)

It’s harder, than ever, these days to see the bright side of life, what with reality the way it is.

Suffering imminent, never ending pain, reminiscent, expand a good plan some evil is collected. 

All is well in love and war, child victims, seniors - sore no more, snuggled in bunks, hope drunks.

It used to be, expression is free, disappointment, now the price to throw the dice, and nothing left but breathe, from God, hope drunk.

For the best candidate a bullet bump, in secret, hope drunk.

Benefits, saved for a few, who knew, insistent, demanding positive thinking order of the day and those in a slump, hope drunk.  

A golden watch, a fish dinner, a thank you for support, and with nothing more, shown the door.  A life insurance policy, satisfied, died in a dump, hope drunk.

In reality the same way, celebrate defeat on the seat of dismay.  The problem before was not the score, a punk, hope drunk


Black the beautiful, naturally kinky hair, natural walk, and talk, values traded for the almighty dollar.  African American is led down many roads to envy, feelings of discontent and a resentful itch caused by the possessions, qualities, and dumb luck of white America.  The problems we face lay just behind the facade of the greatest lie ever told; that enslave, imprison, kill, and steal distinction of Black folk.  We’re given a title that separates us, African American; and left confused about who we are or want to be.  And don’t even realize it!


And we agonize over debasement of our Black children, worry for their safety and wonder how matters got so far out-of-hand in-spite of our (so-called) successful accomplishments.  We dismiss the straight hair conversion, bleaching cream discoloration, and our fortunes over the unfortunate as part of the problem.  We are content, over happiness with what we’ve become.


Village elders molest the children, instead of help rearing them, while the children compete, one with the other, in fatal games designed in the name of freedom.  


As the band plays on, joints and needles are distributed to soothe and to celebrate our individuality.   African American is led down many roads to envy, satisfied or dismissed by material possessions.  The band plays on to satisfy our perverted needs; we're almost like White and White folks.  



State and community equalitarian building on principles of positivism paradox factored into theories of human rights and individualism, continue to produce the inhumane treatment of society’s marginalized and ‘unfortunate’ individuals and groups. Autonomous mechanisms within applied social, political science, and risks associated with modernization patterns are structured to fit within the accepted parameters of how democratic institutions are defined and empowered. As such, principles on which the state functions, and which sustains the government, continues to invalidate or undermine the effectiveness of those institutions. Thus, encouraging popular discourse, ‘civil/human’ rights policies following this same universal rationale serves to only reproduce state-sponsored inequality and social stratification as just another tried and tested practice at which to be competent. As long as popular discourse is synonymous with ‘positivist’ ideological management and the concept of ‘risk society’ considerations, we shall remain unable to reconcile being a ‘good’ government of humane political and social practices.


Good government recognizing principles of positivism can never adhere to social and economic equality for all; inhumane treatment of the underdog, by the hegemony, must always result in class conflict constantly changing hands until one group is utterly incapable of regrouping; dog eat dog until only one is left standing.

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