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MSinChe - the 365 game a day project



Hello to the late readers,

Yes mind reading... In the year 2020, I said to myself, I will make a video game. It is not a hard task in all earnest. It is also not an easy task. The greatest challenge is... fun. Yes, the greatest challenge in making a video game is fun. When I was in college I made games few , excluding me, could master or have fun playing. I took the Will Wright masterclass on Video Game design. The best idea I garnered from it was the 365 game a day challenge. I thought to myself cool. But, I hit the snag I had in college.

What is that snag you say?!

I started on intricate, complicated games, absent an idea of fun. Who will have fun with the games I had begun developing. Then, 24 hours before this post was created, I realized I was making the same error, as in the past. So, I rebooted my structure.

What if I went for simplicity. 365 simple games to test the waters, what people like. This will allow the BlackGamesElite group to engage better. At least I hope so:)

... Without further rambling, I introduce the MSinChe project. 365 games in 365 days. The goal of the project is to

  1. Engage the BlackGamesElite members on creating games ourselves
  2. Find out what games we actually like to design as a group or individually
  3. Create a code base for the future for the group to use
  4. Have fun!


I will add a forum entry for the MSinChe project , but this post will hold the simple list of games per day. I hope all the members have fun and those not members, I hope are inspired to create.


1.  KumRan playable link  Comment link

2. NyoKuun Playable link   Comment link

3. HazMin Playable Link

4. MoyoSaa Playable Link

5. VuaKal Playable Link

6. ?


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