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50,000 games for 40 dollars




interesting, you can connect to a cathode ray tube, very much for the international world. Starts at $40 . They use a faux nintendo shaped base for the system or ports, like an nes mini. They use a faux playstation controller.

the systems when you power it on,
super nintendo, sega cd, sega 3ds, turbo grafx, odyssey2, neo geo, nintendo hacks, nes, nintendo 64, sega genesis, intellivision, gambe oy bolor, gambe gear, game and watch, famicom disk system, atari , lynx, atari 7800, amstrad, commadore, amiga, all games, sinclair
wonderswan, virtual boy, vectrex, and more
He tested, playstation portable/dreamcast/ neogeo/neogeo cd/lynx/MAME/Game boy advance/snes/n64/ds/virtual boy/genesis/nes/neogeo pocket color/intellivision/odyssey 2/2600/5200/7800


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