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Nintendo Independent Game Showcase review 11/09/2022





Venba is a cooking game, with a story. It is about an indian family, on their journey of life. The game player has to make dishes and discover dishes throughout. It is a cultural game where indian music will be played.
Out in spring 2023


Goodbye World
The title is funny if you have ever been taught programming from the desktop era, ala Hello World. 
The characters are Kunai and Kumade <unsure spelling> This is a lifestyle game where the user plays one or either of the developers , whose games are not ranking in money. and they have to do side jobs.
Out Later in November 2022


Have A Nice Death
A slasher platformer. High speed. You play death with a syth. Death is the head of Death incorporated in the underworl.d
Out in MArch 22, 2023 can preorder starting at 11/09/2022


French developers. A lifestyle game, like animal crossing meets gilligans island. You don't have the wide expanse of animal crossing but you have in this smaller space a bunch of individual activities.
Hand drawn, great for photos. The goal is to be at peace. You have quest but this game has no violence, at least from the trailer. The main character is essentially a retired great warrior. 
Out in December 15th 2022


Pepper Grinder
think sonic the hedgehog meets a game like slayin. where the main character is a human or humanoid but he takes this earth drill and drills through the earth and enemies. nice speed/color. Byte characters, but colorful worlds. I think great photos can be taken while you play. You can also control a mecha. and other items with your drill . Female heroine.
Out in 2023


Coffee talk episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly
A visual novel. You run a coffee shop where you make coffee's for a varying type of customers.
Out in Spring 2023


Oni: Road to be the mightiest Oni 
An oni after a defeat by a samurai , goes to an island to improve his skills. 
Out in MArch 9th 2023


Desta : the memories between
Stylized game. Uncommon plot. A character goes to sleep and in sleep she goes to a dreamworld where a ball game is played. 
Out in Early 2023


A Space For The Unbound
Pixelart game set in Indonesia. A couple is trying to save the world, with one having telepathic powers. Reminds me of attack of the friday monsters but sharper.
Out in January 19, 2023


A watercolor game. Another french game. you are mimi, simultaneously going through an adventure as a child or adult. Needing clues from the chile while the mystery is in the adult. Utterly beautiful game. At heart a puzzle game.
Out in Spring 2023


Botany Manor
A retired botanist with a manor all to yourself. Plant puzzles. If you recall the Mii plant game , it is a superior verson.
Out in 2023


Once upon a jester
Improvise a theater show. The developers, from germany, actually had a little mock theater in thier showcasing. They even had hand puppets. The developers are musicians who wanted a game where non musicians can go through the process of creation.
Out starting from 11/09/2022


Rogue legacy 2
Build your legacy
Out starting from 11/09/2022


Blanc <The blog post image is of this game>
A fawn whose white, and a wolf cub whose black, live in a frosty world with black line dimensions. Text free, two players must play it. The goal is to use the capabilities of the two different characters to survive and live. No language utilized so anyone with perception can play.
Out in February 14, 2023 can preorder at 11/09/2022 


For mature gamers over 50 who want a world to develop or make their own but don't want violence or fighting but want tasks. Aka is for you.
For gamers who like high speed, coin getting, platformer, action , PEpper Grinder is for you. 
For visual novel lovers, Coffee talk episode 2 is for you. 
For fans of new experiences Desta is a keeper. The idea of a dream world where pieces of memory are about and a unique ball game is played will get fans of boutique games.
For fans of plant games or fans of the Mii plant game, Botany Manor is for you. 
For parents who want their children to have a game where they can learn about the creative process, get Once Upon A Jester
For local two player fans, not online, Blanc is for you. MArried couples may enjoy most, the ability to work together, to play together, in a game of life, not necessarily killing, with two adoreable but sincere characters.


QUICK SHOWCASE GAMES- these games are shown in quick videos

a wrestling adventure game I think. I saw ana andre the giant mecha thing. Might be a lot of fun, especially if you like lucha libre or the old wwf.
may 2023


Wobbledogs console edition
November 17th preorder 11/09/2022


This is a storytelling puzzler. I Didn't get to see too much. But from what I gather. You have a theme, like catch a thief. and they give you screens where you have to place the characters into the screens which manipulates the story, and I imagine this gets into a more complex storytelling creation. I will want to see more of this game.
March 23,2023


World of Horror 
A black and white game. Seems to want to be like a Ju-On - esque kind of experience as you play.
Summer 2023


Curse of Sea Rats
Pirate game fans, rejoice. They even have little movies in the game. An action platformer.
Early 2023


A card and board game, but I didn't comprehend exactly the rules, but I see cards have various values. if you are into card games, and want a more macabre theme, this is for you.
December 1st


Some fun games, for specific fans, true indie spirit.


A little to the left
A unique game based around home organizing. 
Out in 11/09/2022


Sports Story
Bo knows...:) vollyball/cricket//golf/tennis and travel the unique areas. 
Out in December


The indie world was fine. I think it is for boutique game lovers. That is the essence of indie. Yes, god of war came out today. But, let's call it like it. God of War requires a much larger team of programmers than these indie games. The husband and wife , organize house game, the trios that made the indian cooking game or theater development game, are not going to make god of war style game. They more than likely don't have the time. Now another issue in this indie world is the level of internationalization. That the youtuber below misses.
Two french, One german, One indian. That is pretty international. And outside the usa many are still not accustomed to games like in the usa, aside the age variance in places like europe. so, we shall see.



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