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Fantasy Life i and Professor Layton and the new world of steam



Nintendo had a new nintendo direct video and the best news for game players in my home is the following two games.

Fantasy Life i and Professor Layton and the New World of Steam. I know some feel fantasy life has a repetitive or boring structure but I don't. I think people enjoy the ability to change lives and functionality in a game like that. I know the new game will have two islands that a character must traverse, but I hope they didn't get rid of the local multiplayer, and I wonder how they will make the crafting. The resistive touch screen of the ds line I like cause while sensitive to force, as it is two screens that complete a circuit by being pressed together , it is better for drawing and fine movements in my view than the capacitive screen which you find in the nintendo switch or most common phones sold in the usa today. The capacitive screen reads the electromagnetic field and thus can be used with a bare finger, but I think that is a dysfunctional technology, personally. And in fantasy life, I can't imagine using my finger to do all the various crafting, that does not please me. and buying a stylus with a piece of metal in it, while is the answer for capacitive screens i call that an extra expense for nothing. But, as it is, I will have to buy the capacitive pen to do the crafting if the crafting is the same and then I will have fun as i did in the original. 


As for layton, that for me is a classic line. I hope the puzzles are similar but the gameplay is the same. we shall see...



FANTASY LIFE I <  https://www.fantasylife.jp/fli/ > 




Nintendo buying page < https://www.nintendo.com/store/products/fantasy-life-i-the-girl-who-steals-time-switch/


PROFESSOR LAYTON AND THE NEW WORLD OF STEAM < https://www.layton.jp/jouki/en/












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