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Fae Farm



What video game was able to get the most people in your home engaged with it at the same time? <answer in comments>  

  1. 1. Do you think local multiplayer need to be more common in games? <local multiplayer is games that can connect offline/off the internet with each other>

    • yes
    • no

Fantasy Life, from LevelFive is the game that had the most fun in my home, cause we all could play, even offline, even traveling, together in an immersive world. 


LevelFive is coming out with Fantasy Life i , but Nintendo has reached out to indie developer Phoenix games, to make a hybrid between  : fantasy life/animal crossing/stardew valley/Breath of the wild from the Zelda seriea. And Fae Farm is the result. 



Farm to Fable: The Peace Seekers


Farm to Fable: The Farmers


Farm to Fable: The Adventurers


Farm to Fable: The Artists


Farm to Fable: The Friends



I really like the blend of open world, no routine or guided activity, the design parameters of animal crossing with colors or visual perspectives, the connectivity of fantasy life with goals possible but not forced upon the user, side stardew valleys wide array of activities.


If you are in Europe consider the following




Have fun!


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