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  1. Let me bump this. I hope Black parents teach their children to be suspicious of all white people I said SUSPICIOUS not BAD. You appear to be very anti black but I wont go in on you because I have a feeling, I know what you look like. Its the audacity for me considering your beliefs and thought processes shouldnt be what they are.
  2. This is true but mass killings dont happen every day. What happens every day is that black women going into labor getting killed by racist doctors. Nobody thinks about this
  3. By the time white people are 18 years old, they are expert racist but they all dont practice racism the same way.
  4. If you are using MLK, there was never any black unity to begin with.
  5. More symbolism? There really isnt an Asian person thats high up on the ladder yet Asians came here 40 years ago and are at the top in terms of wealth.
  6. Images prove nothing when they, white people know who the racist are and what the racist are doing. Them not telling you is the harmful part. If you want to know why Black people are committing suicide, look at the parents 1st. Depression doesnt come out of no where and it takes time to develop but look at the parents
  7. Where did I say to teach black children whitey is bad? So far, I havent gotten an example of a black person practicing racism and also people are trying to put words in my mouth. Where did I say teach black children that white people are bad?
  8. Her children will be fine but being a single famous mom is much different than being a single middle class/working class mom.
  9. I wonder why she would take this route considering. She seemed to have rebound to asap who has a wack sex tape when she could have dated anyone
  10. I have yet been given an example of how black people practice racism None of what you said is racism. NONE. If I grew up in a black neighborhood then how is only inviting black people to my party racism? If a white cop who is notorious for driving around black neighborhoods to look for teen black girls to rape comes around my black child, why shouldnt I teach them to be suspicious of these people? Being angry that a child marries a white person has 0 effect on anything so how is that racism? Your response was idiotic and quite stupid
  11. Still waiting for an example. Let me make this clear again, I said RACISM not discrimination. RACISM is what im talking about
  12. I still never mentioned anti white or hatred. I said RACISM. I said teach black kids how racism is practiced which would prevent them from dating white people. I never said teach them hatred or to be anti white.
  13. I never mention anti white. I dont know why you brought that up but let me make this clear, I never said anything about being anti white or hatred
  14. im confused when you say black peoples bias economically negatively effects non blacks. Do you mean abstaining from purchasing their goods? I also am not speaking about bias, I specifically said racism
  15. Black people cant be racist. If Black people had the ability to be racist then slavery would have never happened because black people would know what was up when the Euro man came. Racism doesnt mean hate. Red flag right there Rather how racism is practiced but this thread was about so called pro blacks getting mad at their children marrying white people. Giving your children a history lesson will not stop them from marrying white people. Teaching your children about racism, how its practiced will ensure they wont marry white people
  16. I was reading a few experiences where Black parents who claim to be pro black express shock and anger that their child decides to marry a white person. They all say the same thing "how could this be? I thought them about black history and took them to multiple museums and surrounded them with exceptional black people". Teaching you Black child about black history will not make them stay away from white people. Teaching your black child about racism will. Teaching black history to black children and teaching black children about racism will yield 2 different outcomes. If your black child looks at every white person as a racist suspect then you have successfully taught them about racism. If your black child looks at a white person and believes its "not all of them" then you have done a poor job.
  17. Instead of seeking survival, Black people should have sought justice. The whole civil right movement was about sexual access to white, in particular white women. Both Black male and female civil rights leaders and activists slept with white women. I can now understand why they say RWS is based on upholding the white woman.
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