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  1. Can't wait to check out this book. I assume no one would react negatively if I say it really has a catchy title. I love reading books that have this kind of genre, something where the author makes you realize things about life.
  2. Christ, how come books like this are limited edition only? Not only that it's a good book, I think I can use this when I'm teaching. It's better to be resourceful nowadays with whatever you do. Does anyone else know where to order this?
  3. Nice. It's been a while since I've come across a site that lists sites for African american people. I'm curious, among these 100 sites listed, what did you find to have really interesting content? I can only say its politics as of the moment after I checked it. Not the same old stories, thankfully.
  4. Personal ads for dating? Not really my thing, I'm surprised people who enters in a relationship through this way are in 35%. I wonder, don' you think the media has also become sensational rather than just reporting things as it is? More and more news are coming out really depressing but I can't help thinking whether the people involved in such news even feels the same way. Just a thought.
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